Saturday Steals and Deals

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Friday Paid Studies

Oh my! I cannot believe how busy I have been this last week! We are going through some major changes around our home and it has taken everything out of me to prepare (think MIL & FIL moving in...) So, that is why I have not been able to do many blog posts this week! That and my little kids needing their mommy ;) So, I will try to make up for it this next week! Oh, my little boy is FINALLY potty trained!! I am soooooo soooooo excited!!! I was afraid that he would never get the hang of it, but he did on the second day! My big boy!! So, there ya have it. I hope everyone had a great week! Enjoy the fun stuff mamas!!! (& daddys! :)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paid Survey Sites: My Opinion Now Surveys to the internet community... where your opinion really matters. Join over 1 million people who earn cash online and get great free merchandise just for answering simple questions in our paid online surveys. What’s better than getting … [Read more...]

Tuesdays Paid Online Studies and Freebies

Uggh! RAIN! Today I look out the window to rain, gray skies and mud puddles, yuck! I want Spring to come so that the weather will be a bit better and I can get outside and plant and weed and all that fun stuff! I just cannot get motivated when the weather is so gross! Oh well! Hoping it will be nicer tomorrow! There is always hope, right? Hope everyone is having a "sunnier" day than me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Lewis & Clark College Behavioral Health and Social Psychology Lab The Lewis & Clark College Behavioral Health and Social Psychology Lab is looking for individuals to participate in several online research studies occurring over the next few months. All participants will be compensated $3-9 depending on the length of the study. Participants can expect: • Time commitment: 15 minutes – 45 minutes per study • The entire study can be completed Online All participants must be over the age of 18 If you are interested in participating in our studies, … [Read more...]

Win The Learning Tower!

The Learning Tower by little Partners Inc. is a sturdy, non-tip structure that welcomes the child to safely participate with parents, caregivers, and siblings by raising them to countertop height. How cool is that? Gone are the days of bringing kitchen table chairs over to the counters and praying that the boys listen and don’t fall off! Thank goodness! And now - you can WIN The Learning Tower! The fabulous ladies at Mom Generations have this giveaway! Go now! … [Read more...]

Freebies, Paid Studies and Fun Stuff For Monday

What a busy weekend I had! Oh my! I am spring cleaning my home and trying to get everything done while taking care of my busy babies! So much fun! So funny to watch my kids trying to help their mommy clean, when really they are making a bigger mess for me to clean up.. sigh! That is what it is all about though, and I would not have it any other way! On another note, I found a TON of coke codes, if anyone wants, just let me know. I think their is over 1000 points there. I NEED to get rid of them asap because for some reason my little one year old keeps finding them somehow, and putting the lids of the coke bottles in her mouth and it scares me half to death! I don't have time to enter them myself, so first come first serve, gets them! Anyways, enough... time for the daily goodies! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zoomerang Survey 5-10 mins for $25 GC Drawing We are interested in obtaining feedback on possible new flavors for a snack … [Read more...]

Saturdays Stuff

chance to win a Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer and Mom Essentials Time Magazine/ have come to two of the top mom-focused companies... Mommy Track'd and Hybrid Mom Consulting & Media Group, in order to find out just how moms are managing their work situation in this struggling economy. Please take a few minutes to participate in this survey, Click the link below: -------------------------------------------------------------------- For your time and effort, all participants will be placed into a drawing to win copies of the Mommy Track'd Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer and Mom Essentials Join HUGGIES® Baby Network™ and get goodies! Register now to become a member of HUGGIES® Baby Network™! … [Read more...]