We Love Colors Tights Review and Giveaway!

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO KIMBERLY, COMMENT #19 AND JAMIE, COMMENT #7!! (THE FIRST AND SECOND WINNER NEVER GOT BACK TO ME, SO I CHOSE ANOTHER ONE!) Now, if you love to wear bold, fun colors and love tights, then read on! We Love Colors is a really cute website with colorful tights for the whole family! Yep, even for the guys ;) We Love Colors has so many colors to choose from 45 solid colors to over 13 unique splash colors, you will find them here. They also carry leotards, unitards, and other dancewear. From kids to plus sizes! I was generously sent three pairs. One, was for mu ah, one was for my daughter Presley and since I had no other little girl in the family, the other went to my son Zaden (ladies I had too! You should have seen his face when Mommy and Sissy put on their tights together, he felt sooo left out :( ) So, we pranced around in our tights (oh, we got the "footless" tights) When I first initially opened up the tights (the ones for me, well I thought they were for … [Read more...]

Cocoa Jeans (you have got to see these!)

These jeans are soooooo soooooo HOT, that I am absolutely going CRAZY looking at them! They are called Cocoa jeans and they are so sexy and stylish! I am such a jeans girl, and I get super excited when I find a great pair of designer jeans. Wow, I love them! They are designed and made in Medellin, Colombia. Only 3000 of EACH pair are produced, talk about unique! Cocoa jeans fabric does not get "baggy" or stretch out when you wear them (a plus for me!), and they also do not fade with washing. Cocoa jeans does not use spandex, they use Lycra (7.5" rise, 35" inseam, made of 78% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 2% Lycra). These adorable jeans are endorsed by fashion icons such as Natalia Paris and Tatiana Gil. I am very excited to shareCocoa Jeans with my you, my viewers! How would you feel in these jeans, seriously? How? I would feel so sexy and confident, I just know I would. How could you not feel great in jeans that look like that?! Does anyone else get as excited as I do about … [Read more...]


That is how I feel today! My poor little boy, woke up this morning puking everywhere (he calls it spitting, lol)! He now feels better, thank Heavens! It completely BREAKS my heart to see my babies so sick and I feel so helpless in not being able to make them feel any better :( Now, I feel yucky. I have been farting ALL day long (the HORRIBLE kind), thank God no one is around to witness their utter rankness but me, and my stomach is sour feeling! REALLY wanted you all to know that... :) I have many reviews to do, and have been super busy on that too. This is how I will fire up the grill this Memorial weekend... So, more reviews will be up tonight and tomorrow, heck all week in fact... I hope everyone is going to have some fun this weekend. For me, I will be working outside on our Beautiful property (being extremely SARCASTIC here) and trying to get that in order. We will just be hangin' all weekend with our little family, which is fine with me :) What will you be doing this weekend? … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Tagged!

Cheryl from The Lucky LadyBug tagged me for the 6 unimportant things that make me happy! The way it works is easy -- I mention the person who tagged me, list 6 unimportant things that make me happy, then tag 6 more lucky bloggers. The 6 unimportant things that make me happy: Getting new Makeup Trying on a REALLY good pair of fitting jeans :) A Chocolate Milkshake (to MYSELF) Watching a really good SCARY movie (with my husband) Comments on my blog posts (yep, they kinda make me happy :)) Big ole' wet, sloppy kisses from my babies (but isn't this important??) The bloggers I'm tagging (and NO I am not putting them in alphabetical order, I cannot even think right now :)): Candice from Mom Most Traveled Harriet from I am Harriet Ann from Ann Agian.. and again Heidi from Body Goodies Juliann from Bargain Seeking Beautiful Mommies Sandy from Tales from A Shopaholic Mommy YOUR IT, MAMA'S!!!! Goody time :) NESQUIK Shakers sign up link good luck to … [Read more...]

e.l.f. Cosmetics Review and Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS TO SANDI, COMMENT #41!!! STILL WAITING FOR A CONFIRM :) THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED :) Who has heard of e.l.f cosmetics? When I ask that, I am pretty sure everyone has heard something about this makeup. Maybe you heard of how inexpensive it is, or how much you can buy with five bucks. Maybe it was someone wearing it, and you just had to ask what it was she was wearing. Well, I have been a pretty big fan of e.l.f. cosmetics for some time now. I think I found them on the internet when I was searching for eye makeup one day, and ended up buying a lot of goodies when I found them. One of my most favorite of all time from e.l.f. cosmetics is their all over color stick. I LOVE the stuff and have been using it for about two years now. It is so pretty. It has tiny tiny shimmers in it. I like to put it on my cheeks, forehead, neck and chest. You would not believe the healthy glow it gives your skin. It makes my neck look young and teenager looking. I love how it shimmers … [Read more...]


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