Vivabox Review and a Coupon Code!!!


A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to receive a Vivabox for review. What is Vivabox? It is a wonderful gift for anyone! You can choose from different themes, such as; Spa Massage, Spa Beauty, Tea Time, Gourmet to Your Door, Fragrance, Coffee Talk, Wine and Bar-b-que! So many wonderful themes to choose from, you cannot go wrong!


More about what a Vivabox is (taken off their site):

More than a gift. An experience.
A vivabox is an exciting new product that combines the freedom of choice with the personal touch of a real gift. This two layered gift can be the answer to all of your gift giving dilemmas. The first layer is a gift inside the box that is intended to familiarize the recipient with the product. The second layer is the gift card that can be redeemed for their gift selection from a menu of choices.


1. You Pick The Theme
Do you have an idea as to what type of gift someone would like? Select one of our themes that you think they would enjoy the most. This is the part that gives it a personal touch.


2. They Try The Samples
They open the box and enjoy the gift inside. Depending on the box this could be a gift to try, taste or use and they all relate to the theme of the box.


3. They Choose The Gift
After enjoying the first gift, the recipient visits this website and enters their card number. They will be taken through the redemption process where they choose their final present. This is where the freedom of choice happens.


Result: You have given them a present they actually WANTED! The basic theme was chosen by you for a personal touch but the actual gift was customized by the recipient. This ensures that you have given what he or she will most enjoy. Plus, they got to experience the joy of receiving the perfect present for longer than ripping off the wrapping paper.


How wonderful to be able to pick a theme for someone, have it delivered to them and still, they get to choose what they want! This is the neatest thing ever. I have not used my card yet, I received the Bar-b-que Vivabox and will be getting something yummy from Omaha Steaks!!!! I am excited to use it. It also came with great spices to use on whatever Omaha meat I decide to get! Or I can choose ethnic spices by Urban Accents! Very exciting!

A bit about Vivabox, taken off their site:

About Us
Vivabox history traces back to Belgium where entrepreneurs created a product that has the tangibility and immediate pleasure of a traditional gift, while retaining the flexibility of a gift card. Since its inception Vivabox has been an enormous success. They are now sold in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, and the United States of America. Vivabox was purchased by Sodexo Group in 2007 after entering the United States earlier that year.

Sodexo Group, founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, is a world leader in Food and Facilities Management services, with more than 342,380 employees on 29,000 sites in 80 countries. For Fiscal 2007, which closed August 31, 2007, Sodexo Group had revenues of 13.4 billion euro. Listed on Euronext Paris, Sodexo’s current market capitalization is 6.5 billion euro.

So, if you are looking for a gift for someone, and simply cannot decide what to get them, this is PERFECT!!! I highly recommend this product to everyone.

Buy it!!

Vivabox has generously offered a coupon code to my viewers!! Start shopping EARLY for the holiday season and use this coupon code before it expires on August 15th! It is good for 20% off all eight themed vivaboxes!!! Just use code: Summerfun03 at checkout!!!

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“Thank you, Lauren, from Vivabox, for allowing me to review your wonderful product and share with my viewers!!!”

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