Mamma Michal's Freshly Made Body Care Products Review & Coupon Code!


Freshly made body products have to be my all time favorite sort of reviews to do. I absolutely love to receive the handmade products and
put them to the test. Love it! I had the opportunity to put Mamma Michal’s Freshly Made Body Products to the test! I received a sample
pack of the Mamma Michal’s Herbal Healing Salve, 2 oz tin, Mamma Michal’s Lavender Lotion 2 oz, Mamma Michal’s Peppermint Lip Balm
and Mamma Michal’s Rosy Lips Lip Balm to review!

Peppermint lip balm

The package was very well packaged when it arrived, all nicely padded to ensure no leaking. I love lip balms, so of course that was the first thing I opened and tried out. Sometimes with homemade lip balms I just can’t use them because they dry out my lips for some reason. But, the Peppermint Lip Balm is amazing! It kind of reminds me of the peppermint chapstick. It tingles on my lips and I love it when lip balms do that! The Rosy Lips lip balm was not really my style. I did not care for the “rose” taste on my lips after I used it, but it smelled divine! I gave this on to my niece and she loved it! The Herbal Healing Salve is great for dry elbows and knees! I put it on after my bath and put a good amount on and went to bed, in the morning my elbows and knees were super soft. It smells of lavender too. But, my all time favorite from this bunch was the Lavender Lotion! I absolutely love how moisturizing it is on my skin. I used it fresh out of the shower. If your skin is a little wet however, it will be harder to spread onto your skin, so make sure your skin is dried off. At first it will be kind of greasy, so I just brushed my teeth while it sank in a bit then I put on my clothes and went to bed. My skin was very soft the next day. It felt so nice and hydrated! The scent of lavender,when you first put this on, will be a bit overpowering, but trust me, it quickly dies down to a very nice subtle scent of lavender. It is relaxing and I felt so good putting on my p.j.’s over my smooth, moisturized legs! Love it, I only wish I had a bigger one! It will go quickly as much as I am using it!

Rosy lip balm

My take on Mamma Michal’s Freshly Made Body Products? Love them. They are quality products and packaged with care. The stickers and containers that they come in are quality too. I love that their products are all natural and that makes me feel good using them on my skin. I like that they offer top quality and all natural creams, lotions, massage oils, balms and salves. A nice assortment of body products!

Lavender Lotion

About Mamma Michal’s:

MammaMichal was started because they could not find a true all natural body care product/s even at farmers markets! There is not really any company out there that truly makes freshly crafted body care products and that avoids using any man made chemicals and preservatives. So, this is where MammaMichal stepped in, to fill up that void!

And boy am I glad that they did!

Lavender Salve

Connect with Mamma Michal’s on Facebook! on MammaMichal’s facebook page, they will randomly select one lucky fan to receive a $20.00 gift certificate (not including s&h) to use on your next purchase of MammaMichal’s Freshly Made Body Care Products once they reach 100 fans (and will repeat in every 100 increment), so I am encouraging you all to join and become fans of their facebook page!!!

Buy It!

You can buy any of Mamma Michal’s wonderful Freshly Made Body Products, by visiting their website HERE! And, Mamma Michal is offering all Shop with Me Mama viewers a 10% off your purchase! Just mention coupon code SWMM at checkout ๐Ÿ™‚


I was sent the Lavender lotion, Rosy Lip Balm, Healing Salve and Peppermint Lip Balm to try out. These are my own honest opinions of these products, thanks!

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