April Showers Bring Batman Powers!

My little boy absolutely LOVES to play in the rain. We live in Washington state, so as you can all imagine we get a TON of rain all the dang time! Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Washington Shoe Company are unleashing the ultimate Bat-gadget this rainy season with a rain collection inspired by the favorite super hero, Batman!! My son was very excited when he was sent an adorable Batman rain slicker, boots and umbrella to use out in the rainy weather! Now these are no ordinary hooded rain slicker, boots and umbrella, they are Batman Themed and they are absolutely adorable!! My son loves them 🙂

Here is when the box arrived!


Sissy was a tad jealous, but I made up for that later 🙂 My son immediately put on his new rain coat, boots and opened up that umbrella!

Batman rainslicker, boots and umbrella

The coat, boots and umbrella are very quality made. The rain coat is strong and thick and the cape on the coat is detachable, though my son has yet to allow me to take it off. The umbrella has no sharp edges and is easy to open for the little ones. The boots are well, rubber of course and very strong too. All quality made.

Batman raincoat

And there are little hand hooks that you can put your hands in to hold onto the cape and make it look like this:

Batman Raincoat

And of course, when my son was taking a nap, his little sister QUICKLY put it on herself and then said “Mommy Look!” I was laughing so hard, because I have never seen her move so fast to put something on, she was determined, LOL!

Batman Raincoat

And of course out in that Washington rain,UGH! And wanted to say that this rain coat glows in the dark, well parts of it do! So cool!

Batman raincoat

So, these rain coats, boots and umbrella are where it is at! LOL! My son wears this all the time in the house, outside and to the store, he will not take it off!

Buy It!

The Batman-themed collection includes boots, umbrella and rain coat (total approximate retail value of $102.95). This collection is available at Nordstrom’s nationwide as well as select specialty stores.


I received this reviewing opportunity through Child’s Play Communications. I received the Batman raincoat, boots and umbrella for my son to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions, thanks!

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