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My hair takes a lot to make it look good. It takes the right conditioner, hair spray, shampoo and styling products. My hair is very thick and has wave to it, not to mention it is now down to my elbows! So, any hair care product I use, has to get the job done, and get it done the right way!


I had the opportunity to review for Head Organics. At first, I honestly cannot remember when I said I would do a review for them, so when I got this on my front porch, I was stoked! When I received it I remember thinking, “What on Earth is in this box, it is so heavy!”


So of course I tore it open to find out ๐Ÿ™‚ I could not believe the goodies that awaited me inside of this black box! Oh my goodness! Head Organics had sent me a black box filled with full sized products to enjoy and try out! WOW! That night just so happened to be hair washing night, so I was eager to try out Head Organics. I used the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner first. It sudsed up so nicely, I love it when shampoos do. Total plus in my book. It is soapy too, and I love that because my hair is so thick, not all shampoos penetrate it all that well, but this shampoo does. After I rinsed this out, I applied the Clearly Head Conditioner. I love the subtle scents of these products, not overpowering and completely clean smelling. I like how these products are safe on chemically treated hair, because my hair is chemically treated. I also like how they have certified organic ingredients in them! And, they are NOT tested on our furry little friends!

When I got out of the bath, I combed through my hair and sprayed some of the Leave-In Conditioner spray into my hair. It helped make my brush go through my hair more easily and made my hair appear to be smoother without weighing it down any. It is very light, but use to much and you will end up looking a bit greasy, so go easy! But any leave in conditioner would do that if used a lot. I then added a bit of the Extra Hold Hair Gel, to get my waves going nicely. I only used about a quarter sized amount for my whole hair and that was plenty. I did not want to add too much as this was my first time using it. The gel is thicker and went onto my hair good. Again, the scent is nice and pleasant. Very clean smelling. When my hair dried, my hair was not crispy in any areas like some other styling gels make your hair. But I think that is because I used the right amount! Next, I used the hair shine serum. This is not a spray on thin serum, but a thicker serum
with a pump. I Love this serum! I only needed a tiny amount, but the tiny amount made my hair appear so shiny and silky looking! The only thing I did not like about the hair serum is the pump. When I pump it out, it is kind of messy. It does get everywhere for some reason, so use it carefully or with a towel nearby to wipe up the bottle afterwards. The hair spray is great. It gives my hair just enough hold (I use hair spray to keep the hair behind my ears when wearing a pony tail). It is light and does not make my hair sticky and gross feeling. Last
but not least, is the styling wax which my husband used to try it out. It made his hair look so sexy! Though it is, well, waxy, if you use just enough, you can get the acheived look easily.

So all in all, the Head Organics products rock! I really like them and they leave my hair feeling revitalized and clean.

About Head Organics (taken off their site):

“Head Organics. Great for your hair. Great for our planet. Formulating and manufacturing professional quality, natural, healthy hair-care products consumers can trust. A tradition since 1969”

Head Organics formulas are free of harsh detergents and polluting chemicals to keep both hair and environment pure and natural. With world-class research and development, access to global ingredients and true “green chemistry,” this 100% vegan and gluten-free hair care line offers standout performance in both personal grooming and personal responsibility for the environment. Each product is masterfully blended with naturally derived, certified organic active ingredients, botanical extracts, essential fatty acids, glycerin, vegetable oils, natural proteins and coconut.

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You can purchase Head Organics products, by visiting their website HERE!



I was sent a black box of full sized products from Head Organics to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions about my experience with them, thanks!

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