Blog was BROKEN…

Just wanted to let whomever noticed… That my blog was broken and not allowing me to edit or post ANYTHING for the past 4 days. It is back though, thank heavens!

I am also in the process of manually switching over to Word Press, and when I am done, Shop with Me Mama will have a whole new look and TONS of fun stuff going on! I can’t wait!! That will still be about a month or so though, as I have to do it all by copying and pasting ALL my old posts, and I have quite a few!!

So, can’t wait to get that completed. I have been a very busy person! With Summer here and nicer weather, for the most part, it is hard to be inside and blog!

Anyways, more freebies and paid online studies are in the works too, so stay tuned! As I was going through my older posts, I realized I was starting to steer away from all the fun stuff I use to do that brought me my viewers in the first place. So, I will be starting to do more freebies and paid studies again!! Promise ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course the good deals and the reviews and the GIVEAWAYS!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun stuff!!

Thanks for being my loyal viewers and for commenting on my blog posts. Makes me feel like I am actually doing this for someone, other than myself!


HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the Daddy’s out there!! Hope you had (or are having) a FABULOUS day!!


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