ReNew Life Herbal Cleansing & Probiotic Supplements for Your Health

Have you ever done an herbal cleansing? I have never done one, but I have heard a lot about them. I have heard lots of things, like it makes you healthier from the inside out to it will help you lose weight. I am torn. I might ask my doctor and see what she thinks.

Regular bowel elimination is essential for overall health. When the colon works properly, unwanted toxins are absorbed in the digestive tract and removed via bowel movements before they build up.

“Detox programs designed to aid the body’s natural detoxification processes by supporting 7 channels of elimination: Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Colon, Skin, Lymphatic System & Blood”

Very interesting I must say! Now, I have had stomach problems before, I think we all have. My husband always does, poor guy! Anything spicy or hot is not going to do well with him. At times like that I am thinking maybe a herbal cleansing might do some good for us.


I have also heard a lot about the Probiotic Supplements. You use them for optimal digestive and immune support. They help protect the active probiotics from harsh stomach acid and transport them directly to the intestines where they are needed most. I am definitely going to look into this for myself and my husband. I will keep you all updated on how it works.

Have you ever tried an herbal cleanse or tried probiotic supplements? How have they worked for you?


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