Backyard Safari Outfitters Review!

I was approached by Team Mom to do this review a while back and never received this product. Today, I found out why! My hubby happened to go to our old house and on the front door step was the package! I am so thankful it was not stolen! Yikes!

Now, onto the review….

Do you have a little Backyard Safari kid? I do! I have two of them to be exact ๐Ÿ™‚ Backyard Safari Outfitters by Summit Toys, equips young explorers with all the essential field gear they could possibly need, for scoping out the local “wildlife” around their home! From insects that creep Mom the heck out to birds in the sky, this kit has you covered for searching and researching them! The collection includes over 30 different essentials! The different compoents of the Backyard Safari Outfitters collection make it a great nature play experience for your kids to enjoy on their own or to share with friends and family!

Summit Toys Bug Vacuum

My son claimed the Backyard Safari Outfitters gear, so off he went! It came with a vest to wear and keep all your safari stuff in, Field binoculars and the bug vacuum ( which is my sons ABSOLUTE favorite item of it all!).

Summit Toys Safari Outfitters Gear

All geared up and ready, my son headed outdoors to find the most discusting, creepy crawlers this Mama has EVER seen! Seriously, OMG. Where do these things come from? He found some very interesting specimens! From the little jumpy spiders to some more gruesome looking creatures, he captured a lot!

The cargo vest is great to have on, when going on a hunt for that ‘wifldlife’. My son stored everything from pens and paper to keys his daddy gave to him, just in case he might need to make a clean get a way! The vest is durable and great for outdoor fun.

The field binoculars are also great. They are quite large however, as they extend, and a bit bulky for even my 4 year old, but they are fun to look through and play around with. They are also made very well and would not seem to break easily.

Last but not least, the Bug Vacuum! This is one neat little vacuum! My son has carried this around all day with him and has filled it with ants, spiders and rocks, lol. And now he is filling it with grass. It really does suck up the insects! Very cool. It has an open and close little valve on it, that once you suck up that bug, you can close it up and it keeps that bug in there. Easy to use for little kids.

All in all, these are some great products. My son is loving them and I am loving that he is able to explore by himself without having to have Mom right by his side!

Buy It!

You can purchase the Backyard Safari Outfitters Gear by visiting their website!


I was sent the Backyard Safari Outfitters gear for this review, from Team Mom. These are my own honest opinions about these products, thanks!

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