A Coleman Camping Experience!

Do you enjoy camping? We do 🙂 But, me, I like comfort when I am camping, something pretty close to my home, or I am a brat! I like comfortable things to sleep on and a nice, sturdy tent to keep me warm and safe. I like my food to stay clean, cold and bug free and I like my beverages (whatever they might be 🙂 ) to stay cold or warm.

I was contacted my Coleman, and was sent some pretty amazing products for me and my family to try out! Oh, we were excited as we eagerly awaiting our wonderful Coleman items! They could not come soon enough!

Since, the weather here in Washington, changes very quickly from Summer to RAINY Fall, we did not have a chance to go camping, when we received our gear. So, what does one do at a time like that? Well, you camp out in your livingroom, that is what WE do!!!!

Coleman Camping Gear Review

What we received from Coleman:

*Sundome 6 person Tent
* Willow Creek Sleeping Bag
* Extra High Queen Airbed
* Quad Lantern
*50qt Extreme Cooler
* Stacker Jug

Wow! Huh? So, the day that we got our tent, Mom (me :)), decided to set up that 6 person Coleman Sundome Tent in our livingroom 😉 Oh, the kids were excited and thought I was crazy for even suggesting this 🙂 And you want to know what? I, meaning MYSELF ONLY, put this tent up with no help, and my little kids running around me, in about 15 minutes!!! So, you KNOW that this tent is totally easy to do, if I can do it in about 15 minutes, by myself and two kids!!! LOVE how easy it was and how quickly we set up “camp”.

The tent is very roomy and spacious. It is tall too! You can stand up and walk around! Love it. I also like that you can have the net top just on, so that you can star gaze, or put the top on if it rains. Easy to do and love the option! It also has windows and doors on both sides of the tent, so you don’t just have one way of getting in and out of the tent. Great idea! Every tent I have ever had only had one entry, and that usually meant climbing over eachother to get out of it. So, that was another great feature we loved.

Features of the Sundome 6 Person Coleman Tent:

* – 6 person/2 room tent
* – 12′ x 10′ tent
* – Dome structure, easy to transport & simple to set up
* – 72″ center height
* – Exclusive WeatherTecâ„¢ System
Keeps you dry — Guaranteedâ„¢
* – 2 doors
* – Durable carry bag with separate storage bags for tents, poles and stakes
* – Entry level price
* – Great for small family car campers, summer camp
* – Control airflow with adjustable Varifloâ„¢ ventilation
* – Rain fly included
* – Vented Cool-Airâ„¢ port
* – Privacy vent window

* – Easy two pole set up with shock-corded poles
* – Interior gear pocket
* – Electrical access port
* – Easy set up with continuous pole sleeves
* – Easy to follow instructions sewn into durable carry bag
* – Pin and ring design and InstaClipâ„¢ attachments make tent simple to set up
* – Fly: Polyester taffeta 75D
* – Mesh: Polyester 68D inner tent
* – Floor: Polyethylene 1000D-140g/sqm floor
* – 11mm fiberglass poles
* – Limited 1 year warranty
* – Made in China

The Willow Creek Sleeping Back is super soft and cozy. My son and daughter love to get into it and watch movies at night. And they are very affordable at only $34.99 each!

Some features of the sleeping bag:

Coleman® warm weather sleeping bags made for camping temperatures between 40 and 60 degrees
# – 33″ x 78″, fits up to 5’11” tall
# – 3 pounds of ThermoTech® insulation

The stackable water jugs are very great for camping. I love how they stack on one another and take up less space, so you can have two different beverages! Love it!

Extra High Queen Airbed, love this! I can’t sleep anywhere without comfort, I mean, who would want to? So, with the Airbed, I am certain I can sleep well. I will have to see for sure next year, when we use this camping!! I am excited to have it 🙂

Some Features of the Queen Airbed:

* – Size: 78″ x 60″ x 10″
* – Coils: 48
* – Zippered carry bag storage system
* – Heavy duty PVC construction
* – Soft suede top for luxurious comfort

* – Fits standard sized sheets
* – Coleman® Airtight® System guarantees a leak-free inflatable. Click here to see a demo
* – Built-in 120V pump

The Quad Lantern is very unique! This battery lantern features four detachable panels, so you really have 4 lights to use! Got to go to the bathroom at night, but still want to leave some light for the others? Well, just take one of the lanterns! So neat!

More features:

  • Battery lantern features four detachable panels
  • •  Each panel has 6 LEDs
  • •  Each panel has its own on/off switch
  • •  Each section recharges off of the base
  • •  Four lights in one

Only thing is that it requires 8 D cell batteries, and they are not included.

50qt Extreme Cooler is very roomy and spacious! I love that it has a pull handle and wheels so that if you don’t want to carry it, you don’t have to!

Some Features of the cooler:

* – Keeps ice up to 5 days at temperatures up to 90°
* – Holds 84 cans
* – Retractable, telescoping handle holds stacked coolers in place
* – Lid has four cup holders
* – Large, durable wheels
* – Rustproof, leak resistant channel drain for no-tilt easy draining

* – Made with environmentally friendly Thermozoneâ„¢ insulation
* – Thermozoneâ„¢ insulation contains no CFCs, HFCs, and HCFCs.
* – Made in USA

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Coleman Camping

Where do you like to camp? I want to know!

Buy It!

You can purchase Coleman gear by visiting their website at http://www.coleman.com/coleman/


I was sent Coleman Camping Gear to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions about these products, thanks!


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