DRIA Cover Review!

DRIA Cover

So, Fall is here and your wardrobe is in the in between stages. I HATE those stages! I was introduced to a fabulous new fashion piece called the DRIA Cover, and it is my new Fall wardrobe staple.

DRIA Cover

The DRIA Cover is a fashionable and functional way to transition your into the Fall months and be stylish at the same time.  The DRIA cover is a versatile fashion poncho, and is the perfect cover-up for the fashion-conscious woman who wants to keep warm while still looking good. And the styles they have to choose from are super cute!

About the DRIA Cover (taken from their press release):

Inspired by a beautiful Italian scarf she owned, Adria O’Donnell came up with the elegant DRIA cover.  It comes in a variety of chic designs, from a sophisticated plaid to a whimsical floral pattern, including limited edition fabrics by designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Missoni.  The flexible material is lightweight and breathable, as well as being wrinkle-free, so women on the go can throw it in their purses.  Not only can the DRIA Cover be worn as a fashionable poncho, but it can also be worn simply as a luxurious scarf to be draped over the shoulders when the nights get chilly.

I love my DRIA Cover, I like my shirts/tops to be more loose on me and not tight or short. The DRIA Cover gives me style that I desire and the cool chic look that makes me feel sexy! Very cute!

This can be worn, and normally is worn, by pregnant or nursing mothers! Ha! But I wear it because it just looks plain sexy on ME! But, this is where the DRIA Cover will really interest you, so listen up!

DRIA Cover is a fashion poncho for pregnant moms, that doubles as a versatile baby cover. So, you can also toss your DRIA Cover over your baby’s stroller, just adjust the neck opening so you can sneak a peek at your beloved little one AND it is wrinkle free, so just feel free to toss it into your diaper bag and GO!! Need to nurse your baby? Great! Just put the DRIA Cover around your neck, for super duper great privacy and nurse away!!! But, not done yet! You can also put your DRIA Cover over your baby car seat and tie the ends into loose knots. The neck opening allows you to grip the handle safely!

Can you believe all the wonderful things you can accomplish with this cover?? And it really is pretty!

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I was sent a wonderful DRIA Cover to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions of this product, thanks!


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