Is My Voice Not LOUD Enough???

Well, google page rank seems to think that my blog is not as good as some… I disagree… and I will tell you why.

My blog has been around since May of 2008. I only REALLY started blogging though the beginning of 2009. I have been busting my butt (like MANY other bloggers in my position), and still my google page rank is a TWO. I know there are certain factors that make your blog higher in googles eyes, but really, what does it take??

Every time the “google fairy” makes her rounds, I eagerly check out my google page rank, and it is still at a two! I have tried everything from SEO and links, but still I am just not getting it, I guess.

Roll Eyes..

I work just as hard as the blogs that have a rank 4 or higher, really, I swear I do! I KNOW how hard it is to get a higher page rank, and I yearn for one, like many others.

But, why does it even matter??? It matters, because that is what companies look at to give you opportunities with their companies. IF you have a page rank of 2 or less, then you are considered a nobody. That means, that my voice, in so many words, is silent. NO matter how many friends I have on Facebook, how much I dive into the social media and engage in it EVERY single day, no matter how many people I know in real life, no matter how many Twitter followers I have (I have over 3,000 btw and counting), no matter how many Facebook Fans and LinkedIn contacts I have, it is NOT good enough.

See, the thing is, I talk to people, I know people and people really do listen to ME. So, why won’t companies entrust in ME and give me, and all the other page rank 2 and lower blogs, just a chance? REALLY, what do the companies have to loose??? I know people will say, the would lose money, because they would send you a product sample, but seriously, if the companies took the time to actually search out a blog and read it, you can usually tell, just by that, if you will indeed get feedback from your product, from that particular blog. Easy, but most companies will not take the time and that is sad. The company could be really missing out on a great blog/person. I think that keeping it fresh is what it is all about. No sense in giving the same opportunities to the same people, spread it out about. See what works for YOUR company and who promotes it best. Yes, bigger audiences mean bigger clicks back to your website, but who is to say that MY blog can’t do that just as good as a Page rank 4 or higher blog?? Give us “smaller” blogs a chance.

I don’t even know WHY I am even blogging about this. But, it just irritates me that opportunities are missed, because I am not “high” enough on the page rank scale…

Now, I am NOT complaining about other bloggers that are page rank 4 and higher, I KNOW you worked your butts off. I look up to you all and hope to be where you are one day! I am upset with the companines (and google), that won’t give us littler bloggers the time of day, because our voices are apparently not LOUD enough….


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