Marie Louise Cosmetics Review

Marie Louise Cosmetics

Marie Louise skin care products are developed to contain only the safest, most essential ingredients, stringently selected for healthy skin. As I get older, and my skin ages more and more, I am starting to look more at my skin care products and makeup. I now look more at the ingredients, efficiency and real results from real people.

I had a big interest in Marie Louise Cosmetics and skin care products. The pictures on her site of the before and after photos intrigued me. I contacted Marie Louise Cosmetics and I was sent some products for me to try out!

I received the following:

Vital Nanoemulsion α-VC (Beauty Essence Serum)
Restoration Clear Gel (Exfoliating Gel)
Crème α-VC (Facial Moisturizer)

I am starting to use facial serum more and more and I am now seeing some great benefits from it. I know now why I should have been using it from the very beginning. It is good stuff. So, I was happy to try out the Vital Nanoemulsion a-VC Beauty Essence Serum 🙂 Wow, that is certainly a mouthful 🙂

Marie Louise Cosmetics Review

This serum is fabulous! It goes on so smooth and absorbs into my skin, but not so fast that it just leaves it dry again, it seems to absorb but still leaves the top part of my skin dewy, not greasy. It is more like a VERY light lotion, not serum. The Restoration Clear Gel is a favorite of mine. I have used and reviewed a product before, like this restoration gel, and LOVED it. So, when I read how this worked and used it the first time, I knew this was going to be a favorite. It is a gel and when you put it onto your face and rub it gently, it will ball up and take all the dead skin off or your face leaving nothing but new, soft skin in its place. It is so easy to do, and yes, it works. This is a product every woman needs, especially during the hot Summer months, when your face is always sweaty and gross feeling. At night, just use this and it instantly gives you a beautiful glow, because you are also massaging your face too! Last but not least, is the Crème α-VC (Facial Moisturizer). VERY moisturizing, yet light. I use this on my forehead, around my nose, cheeks, under eyes, neck and chest areas. It does absorb quicker then the serum, but still leaves my skin nice and soft feeling.

All in all, Marie Louise Cosmetics sent me some really great products to try out. I am pleased with them. The only thing I did not like was the price. It is kind of steep, but the skin care products are great.

About Marie Louise (taken from the site):

Deep-sea water is the foundation of every Marie Louise product. Unlike other skin care brands featuring deep-sea water, Marie Louise mastered the art of desalination without degrading the effectiveness of deep-sea water minerals.

Here’s why deep sea water harvested by Marie Louise Cosmetics is so effective as a skin care ingredient:

  1. The abundant nutrients are free of planktons that may feed on nutritious minerals.
  2. Since few microorganisms and toxins can survive at this depth, harvesting deep-sea water at this depth ensures the highest levels of purity.
  3. Cooler temperatures preserve the nutrients, ensuring the most effective ingredients possible.


“Marie Louise skin care achieves the highest levels of effectiveness with the brand’s Patented Deep Sea Concentrate, a proprietary blend packed with deep-sea minerals essential to cellular metabolism, at the same time the water is desalted. The result is a restoration of skin to its natural, translucent state, which is often recognized as a healthy ‘glow'”

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I was sent the above products from Marie Louise Cosmetics to review. These are my own honest opinions of these products, thanks!

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