Sockwa Review


I always have to have socks on my feet in my home, always. It is a huge pet peeve of mine, to walk around barefoot only to have little annoying crumbs stick to the bottom of my feet. Even during the Summertime, I will wear socks indoors. So, when I learned about Sockwa, I wanted to learn more.


What is Sockwa???

Sockwa combines ultra-thin sole technology with stretchable, form fitting uppers.
Designing fat-free shoes for every imaginable environment and terrain. Simply put, sock/shoes that you can wear indoor or out and they are like shoes, but not. Make sense? No, didn’t think so, but they are really cool and I like mine!

They wear like ballet slippers, well the Dojos I received do. They have several different styles like:

Sockwa Dojos

Sockwa Amphibian

Original Sockwa Playa

They are kind of cute too. Not funny looking and no one will point to your feet and laugh when you are out and about. They might look and point in curiosity though. They are super soft and bendable. Weird wearing outside, but you can. They have a sole on them, but very thin and bendable. The material on the Sockwa is fitting and stretchy. You will definitely want to order a size bigger then your normal size, as they fit VERY tightly if you do not. I wear an 8.5 but got a 9.5 and they fit perfectly. They have men and womens sizes. If they don’t have your size in womens, check mens. Don’t think it makes a difference.

The only think I dislike about this shoe, is that my feet sweat. Don’t like that. So, I add a little baby powder in the Sockwa and that seems to help the sweating promblem.

Buy Them!

You can purchase the Sockwa’s onine at

They are certainly very unique and quite trendy looking!




I was sent two pairs of the Sockwa Dojos to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions of these shoes, thanks!

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