Explained AGAIN Why Some Of My Giveaways Ended Early…

*Warning, I swear in this post*

I received a really nasty email earlier saying this:

Subject: Ending giveaways prior to deadline…

Message Body:
In the future do not end giveaways prior to the end date you post. This is really suspicious and many followers are beginning to wonder why you do this. Recently, you ended Melissa and Doug earlier than the said date.. You announced a winner and it says the contest goes until tonight (Oct 29th) at 10pm… We will be contacting the company about this.

So, I guess my explanations of why I had to end my giveaways, did not register to this person! So, I will explain again..

I had to end some of my giveaways early, because I was not going to manually transport 500 or more comments to my new word press blog. This would have taken me hours upon hours to do, and I just cannot spend time like that on my computer, I have a family, I have two young kids. Just to give you an idea, it took me SIX months to manually copy and paste all of my 1,036 blog posts I had/have. That was a little each day, so that I could be there for my family.

I have NEVER ended a giveaway early, go ahead and check, before the blog switch. So, for someone to question MY honesty as a blogger, is RIDICULOUS. I don’t appreciate it and I will NOT stand for it. The companies that I work for are amazing and I highly doubt, because I had to end some giveaways early, would make these companies that I have built a connection with, think I was not legitimate.

I hope I clarified myself a bit more. Some people just need a bit more explaning then others, so this is for the person who emailed me (see above) and anyone else who still does not get why I had to end my giveaways early. It really should not be that big of a deal, and it amazes me that some feel that it was. I thought blogging about my decision to end them early, posting on Twitter, Facebook page AND Facebook Fan page would have gotten the word out about this, but apparently I was not thorough enough.

I hope this time I was crystal clear? If not, no need to come to my blog anymore because I DON’T need someone pestering me and treating ME badly. Get over it and MOVE the fuck on.



  1. If you already informed your readers & fellow bloggers about ending your giveaway early, don’t waste your time explaining it over again. People need to understand that bloggers that does giveaways have a LIFE outside the blogosphere. Please don’t let people like this person get under your skin.

  2. I’d also be annoyed but you were conscientious and respectful of your readers. Seems like you took every measure to inform people of your actions. Don’t sweat the little things. That reader REALLY wanted to win that prize. LOL! =)

  3. It was actually more honest for you to end the giveaway early because even if you had transported all of the e-mail addresses and comments, their information could have been lost. When I trasnferred from blogger to WP, I have all of the comments but I lost all e-mail information. It really sucked.

  4. That person really didn’t deserve a response at all. I hate the manner in which they told you what to do. That is beyond ridiculous.

  5. YOU know why the giveaways ended early and you’ve more than enough explained yourself. If they don’t like it then too dang bad. If it’s that big of a deal to win it go out and buy it. I mean yeah winning stuff is nice but when you get all crazy about it that’s when it takes the fun out of it. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this Kim.

  6. Lauralee Hensley says:

    No one has a guarantee of winning anyways, it’s a giveaway that’s drawn using a random number generator. If they were really concerned about winning they would have entered at the first opportunity and not waited later into the giveaway entry period.
    You did what you had too. Plus other bloggers that did the switching in the past have actually lost entries when doing the switch, so you did the right thing and did not lose the entries of those that had at least already entered.
    To threaten reporting you just reminds me of tattletales.
    I wouldn’t lose sleep over one comment like that. The rest of us understood your reasons.

  7. I am not a blogger, just a follower, but I agree that you did the right thing ending it early instead of losing all the other comment posts trying to switch it over. If the person who left the angry comment is really a follower of your blog, they could have no question about your integrity.

  8. I feel ya, girl! Nasty people like that have almost succeeded in shutting down my http://santassecretary.com site. One woman reamed me out when I didn’t write her child’s letter b/c SHE didn’t pay. She had the nerve to “the money was in my paypal account”… Yeah, but I don’t go into YOUR paypal account biatch!! Thankfully I got enough uplifting emails to keep on going ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sweet pea, the way I see it, you did what you needed to do. it’s your business. YOu rock at what you do. Shake it off.. Move on and think not of it again ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  9. AWESOME POST! If someone isn’t a “real” follower that’s in the know that is their own problem! You go girl!

  10. I saw that post. Sad the lengths some people go to to aggravate. I’m so sorry. I saw your post about transferring and think that there is nothing suspicious about ending to switch site platforms the work is too involved and time consuming and no one has the time for all that.

    Hugs for you for the bother. No worries. I UNDERSTAND as I’m sure MANY others do TOO

  11. I agree!! To that sweeper, comment like that to me and you will be blacklisted from my blog! We are not PAID to do this, we take time away from our families and our children to host this! We pay the hosting fees, the internet fees, the blog designs, etc.. *WE* have a relationship with the companies, not you. *WE* answer to them. If there are situations going on and we end items early/late that really is NONE of your business, we answer to the company *WE* work with, and if they are understand, you should be too!! Things happen, we have lives, we are NOT machines. Have some damn respect!!

  12. WTG!!! I was a little upset that I missed some of the giveaways, but in the end they are only giveaways and you did what you needed to do. If I were in the same situation there is no way I would even think about transferring comments over. This person probably never wins anything and needed to get their daily dose of bitching and moaning out.

  13. I’m with Megan (above) – I can NEVER understand why people get so ANGRY over giveaways! I am thankful for every giveaway I enter and would never ever get angry over anything involving one. I am thankful for the change to enter and the chance to win. If I don’t win, fine. If I win, great! I appreciate all the hard work you ladies do to put these on continuously! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let the haters hate – clearly they don’t have more important things to do than write rude emails telling you how to run your own site. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t visit. Done and done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Tamara B. says:

    I would love to know who that person was! I am so sorry after all of the hard work you put into your blog for us and you have to read that shit from someone! you rock ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I agree with the others Kim, don’t sweat it! I’ve been coming to your blog for almost a year and have never seen a blog ended sooner than the end date until now during the blog transfer. All of your true followers will understand.

  16. Wow, it never amazes me how petty people can be. People like that should be blacklisted

  17. yeah and a little tip to the obvious SWEEPER that wrote the email, the fastest way to get yourself banned on mostly all blogs is to try and tell someone what to do. Who the hell do they think they are?

  18. I don’t blame you for being angry, you’ve explained the reason for ending the giveaways when you did. Try not to stress over it, there will always be someone who isn’t happy, whatever you do, especially if they don’t end up being the winner. I’m sure the sponsors would understand.

  19. HA! Well said!!! It’s a GIVEAWAY. I will never understand why folks get so fussed and nitpicky over a GIVEAWAY. The sense of entitlement is nauseating. All should be thankful to have the opportunity to WIN anything at all.

    • That is EXACTLY how I feel. I really hate it when people are so rotten on something that they are GIVEN FOR FREE!!!

      Don’t sweat it, Kim. Get over her and move on. Hopefully she will never come back to your blog. She doesn’t deserve to read your content. {{{HUGS}}}

  20. Kim, don’t stress! I think she is mad she didn’t win ๐Ÿ™‚

    Take the f word out, you are too classy for that. Suffice to say, negative mean people should stay off of the blogs of people they feel so poorly about. I wouldn’t want readers that are bullies either, or who think poorly of my integrity.

    Kim is a super duper honest and sweet person!

  21. It’s not shady! You know what…if you had not ended them and lost all the comments MORE people would have been mad because the entries were lost. I think you made the right choice in ending them early so everyone that entered got their chance to win. Ending early on a blog is not that big of a deal. We set our length of contests. There are no list of legal stipulations stating start and finish dates.

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