Pocoyo Review!! Great Christmas Gifts For the Kids!

K, I have never heard of Pocoyo, ever. So, when I was introduced to the cute characters of Pocoyo! We were offered the chance to review a couple products so I said we would.

pocoyo review

My kids both received a cute product. My son received the fun Bump n’ Go little car and 6-Inch Mini-Plush, Pato. My daughter received Elly , from the Squeeze n’ Play Plush collection and Loula from the 6-inch Mini Plush collection! Oh, these are adorable little toys! The Bump n’ Go car is sooo cute! This was a huge hit with both of my kids. It is a little car that goes up and down and makes sounds. It is funny to watch, as it bobs along on the floor. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. This little car really goes fast! It even is powerful enough to ride along, just fine, on our carpet! So this is a real neat toy! Totally worth it and my kids loved it. The 6 inch minature plushes are really cute too. Though my kids don’t really play a lot with plush, they did use them to play around with in their play house, which I thought was really cute! Elly the Squeeze n’ Play elephant is too cute. She is soft and when you squeeze her tummy she makes some noise! She holds little cymbals and just has really cute features.

Who Is Pocoyo?

Pocoyo is already more than an animation series. Pocoyo is a boy who is recognized all over the world. You can find Pocoyo in many places such as on television, the Internet and now on other platforms such as mobile phones. Pocoyo is everywhere.

Buy Pocoyo!

You can purchase Pocoyo online at Amazon.com! Pocoyo is a great gift for the kids this year!

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I was sent product to review. These are my own opinions of Pocoyo. The above Amazon.com link is my own personal affiliate links, thanks!

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