Handmade Glycerin Soap By Bath House Soaps

K, if you saw my last post, you know by now that I just LOVE bath products, soaps and all that jazz. I can never have enough of the stuff. My cupboards are brimming with wonderful soaps and lotions, oh ya! Each night I have a new soap and lotion to use 🙂 Oh the perks!

I recently had the opportunity to review for Bath House Soaps. They specialize in handmade glycerin soaps. I wanted to review for them, not only because I just love soaps, but their soap was soo pretty looking! I mean, wow, I love the little details within their soaps.

I received three handmade glycerin soaps and one body lotion with goats milk. I got to choose the soaps and the scents. I mulled over their list for a while before I found what I wanted, which was ALL of them, but I could only choose three. So, I chose the Asian Pear and Lily Glycerin Soap, Cotton Blossom Glycerin Soap and Ocean Mist Glycerin Soap with Shea Butter. I also got to pick out a body lotion scent, which I chose the Love Spell type scent, oh YUM 🙂

Well, it came very quickly. It was packaged with absolute care and nothing was smooshed or broken. Everything arrived just as beautiful as I saw it on the site! I was more then pleased with the soaps. They are absolutely beautiful! I love love love the designs inside of these soaps. The cotton blossom soap has gorgeous blues in it that would be perfect for a gift basket for a mom having a baby boy! Just so dang pretty. The whole box I received smelled sooo good opening it up! I have used two of the soaps so far. Not all of them, but have been using them the past few days. They make my whole bathroom smell so good. They are great soaps that suds up nicely and rinse off leaving your skin scented fresh and feeling very clean. The body lotion is amazing. The scent is to die for. It is the Love Spell scent and I could not be more happy with it. It makes my skin super soft and the scent is on my skin long after I put it on. Love the stuff 🙂

The prices are not bad at all. Very affordable and the quality and craftsmanship is there. You know that the people who craft this soap do so with care. I really like to find companies that do that. That take the time to make their products and care enough to package them and send to the consumer. Great company!

Bath House Soaps are treasures of handcrafted designs. Every handmade bar is a generous 5 1/2 – 6 ounces, unique and affordable.    You owe it to yourself to soothe and moisturize your skin with the rich  lather of glycerin soap. Whether your eye catches the beauty of the       soap first, or your nose says “Ooooh, whats that wonderful smell”? You will be happy to have a bar of soap that is a …. “Dessert for the Senses”

Buy It!

You can purchase the handmade glycerin soap by Bath House Soaps online at http://www.bathhousesoaps.com/ and check out their Valentines Day Gift Sets, they are too cute!! And VERY affordable too..









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  4. The Mango Sorbet scent sounds nice!

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  6. I’d love the Herbal Essence scent.

  7. Diane Baum says:

    Orange clove with goat milk please

  8. The frog trick was totally imaginary, but I did smile about it.

  9. I would pick the Hyacinth scent.

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  13. I’d choose the AppleJack n Peel.

  14. Pretended I’m a frog and leapt onto a pillow, then stood up and did it again, LOL!

  15. I love Angelic, thanks!

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  34. Lavender Vanilla – Glycerin w/Shea Butter


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    I would get the Sandalwood – Glycerin Soap! I love the scent of sandalwood!

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  50. Soft Coconut – Glycerin Soap

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    Eucalyptus & Spearmint – Glycerin Soap w/Shea Butter

  59. Bath House soaps are the BEST! They smell sooooo good and make your whole bathroom smell good too. Your skin feels clean and scented and the lotion just tops it off. I love so many of them but Ocean Mist is really clean and fresh and so it is my favorite most of the time. Great craftsmanship and attention to details. Love to support the small guy!

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  66. OOoooOO–those soaps are so pretty! I’d get the Island Fun – Glycerin Soap w/Shea Butter probably!

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  109. For those outside of the Toledo, Ohio area, all of the scents are just like the name they are. They are very fragrent and great on the hands! You will love them like I do. Nice for children, too.

  110. These soaps are wonderful! You need to try them all. Check her website because she does shows around here and that way you can smell them before you buy. She also sells them in a few places around town, so smell them their! I discovered her a couple of years ago at Apple Butter. LOVE them! Gardenia is my favorite!

  111. I’d love the pear and lily soap

  112. I’d love to get the Ed Hardy for Women scent! There are so many I’d love to try!

  113. I love the smell of roses so I would choose the Victorian Rose – Glycerin Soap w/Shea Butter

  114. Leaping like a frog felt good for legs:)

  115. I would choose the Angelic scent.

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