Military Handbag Review & Coupon Code!!

Ever seen a bag that you just thought was ABSOLUTELY the cutest bag EVER? Ever just HAVE to have that bag? That is how I felt when I was introduced to Military Handbag. Oh my goodness, talk about adorable, trendy and just plain cute! What sets these handbags apart from the other handbags?  Each beautifully crafted piece is more then just an everyday handbag. It is a constant reminder of those who have served, are actively serving or are sacrificing their lives for our country.

These bags are beautiful and you can carry them with pride. The camouflage pattern also makes it extremely versatile, so it suits you while you’re shopping but alternatively makes for a fashionable holder for grandma’s bingo daubers. Sure, the camouflage may prevent grandma from finding the bag, but she’ll have just as much fun playing on instead (plus think of the gas she’ll save). I received my Military Handbag on Saturday, and have used it twice, when I went out to the store. I could not believe how many people came up to me to tell me that my bag was so adorable and where did I purchase it from. Seriously, it is amazing what a camo purse can do to us Americans! It is like people are pulled to it, somehow and want to know more! I happily told them about Military Handbag and even had to write it down for one young lady! So, these handbags are really making their statement!

They are made with care and you can order them in 5 easy steps:

1. Browse through Our Handbags or Our Accessories to select a creation.
2.Customize and embellish your creation!
3.Mail your fatigues to 393 Oxford Road, Gardners PA 17324 : We usually can make 2 handbags with one jacket or pant. If you order accessories with your handbags extra fatigues are not necessary.
Consult our “Celebrate End of Postage Fees” Section for shipping instruction!!!
4.Relax while our team cuts, sews and hand finishes each handbag, here in the USA, with the utmost attention to details, care and passion. Our goal is to ship it within three weeks.
5.Enjoy while supporting a GREAT cause!

Easy, right?! It is so simple to order, as I went through the process too, when I got to choose my Military Handbag. My bag arrived wrapped beautifully in a pink tissue paper with an adorable business card. I always LOVE when companies show how much they care, when they take the time to wrap up their products and package them nicely for the consumer. Very impressed with this business.

See how adorable MY handbag is? Love it! And apparently, so does everyone else :) I love how roomy it is and there is extra pocket inside as well as the ones outside of it. That is why I chose this particular handbag and style, because of the extra room! I have lots to carry in it, and this is perfect for me and my lifestyle.

My dad was in the Army Reserves for 30 years. So growing up, he was always traveling and visiting other countries and states. He would always send us kids, all 7 of us, toys or goodies from Japan, Korea or somewhere else. We would get the goodies in the mail, and oh how excited we were! My dad finally retired from the Army Reserves about 15 years ago.

Coupon Code!

Do you have a loved one who is serving our country? If so, you can show your pride by ordering your Military Handbag today! And, if you order SOON, I say soon because this coupon code is ONLY good until next week, then you can receive 10% off your order! Just use coupon code: VIP10 at checkout!

“10% of all proceeds are donated to organizations supporting Military”


You can join Military Handbag’s Team! Earn money! Check out their opportunity at or help spread the word about Military Handbag and get paid!



I was sent a beautiful Military Handbag to review and keep. These are my own honest opinions of this bag, thanks!


  1. I like the Comfort change purse.

  2. I like the Companion bag!

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  16. I love the Justice!

  17. I really like the Companion bag.

  18. Kathy Pierce says:

    My 9-year old daughter would love the military kid bags. She loves cammo and has so many cammo pants, pj’s, hats, etc.

  19. Love the passion and faith bags. Hubby was in the military so its very fitting :)

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  29. I love the care diaper changing pad

  30. Rhonda Akers says:

    I love those kids bags. I was a military kid and would have loved having that while dad was in vietnam. I later entered the Army and served with the4th Medical Bn, 4th Inf. Division. Retired now. I still like the kids bag. I guess I’m just a kid at heart. keep up your wonderful job keeping parents united with their parents. Bravo!

    I put my mailing address down for the Mail the second time I realized it was email address. dum dum dora

  31. Leah Walker says:

    I am absolutely CRAZY about this idea. I love it. My little sister is in the Navy and is stationed in CA while I am in LA so I miss her like CRAZY. I would love this to keep her close to me always, other than in my heart of course. I will definitely be buying a bag to go with the wallet if I win. Thank you TONS for this very special giveaway. Awww, my fur babies also need collars. Lol. Just saw those on their FB page.

    I really like the Patience bag the best. I also like the Tenderness bag. I am so very much loving this idea.

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  47. I LOVE Patience.. The name itself is PERFECT for a diaper bag.

  48. Favorite Bags are Charity & Faith
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  49. Samantha Cleys says:

    Love the Passion handbag!

  50. i am a camo girl through and through !! i love it !!

  51. I like the Freedom Backpack.

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    I like the Power for Her bag.

  59. I love the Tenderness diaper bag

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  64. The Companion Bag is my favorite-very cute!
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  66. Leah Walker says:
  67. OMG I love the Power for Her bag. My husban is in the Army and I would love to have the gym bag. I am a fitness instructor and I would use this bag everyday for work. And right now my husband is gone. Love your work.

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    I am a Military Spouse so I totally support this. Good luck to everyone.

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  75. Patience

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  87. I love the Faith kid’s bag. What a good idea this is!

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    The other product I love on the site is the duffle bag seen here:

    Great contest!!

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  96. I like the “Elegance”

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  98. Colleen S says:

    Like quite a few of the bags and accessories, My favorite is the Companion bag. Keep up the great work and thanks for your service for those in the Service!

  99. I like the Charity Bag.

  100. Charlene Kuser says:

    I love the Honesty handbag

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    I love the Beautiful bag.

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  109. Love the passion and faith bags


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