Ouija Boards Are Evil (My Story)

You know, when you are younger, you like to do things that your parents do not want you to be doing. One of these things happened to be playing with the Ouija Board. I grew up in a Mormon family, and my parents were/are very dedicated to it. Though my parents were not strict, they did not like their children meddling in bad things, what parents do???

One night, I went to my friends house and she had a Ouija board. At first I was totally freaked out and wanted nothing to do with it. But, eventually I got sucked into it and wanted to give it a try. We took the Ouija Board into the car and drove to a dark park with some lights on. It was night time and so completely dark, except for the street light type lights in the park. Me and my two friends started playing this thing. At first there was no response, but not too much time later, it started to MOVE. We all asked each other if the other person was doing it and we all agreed we were not making the thing move, IT was moving by itself… Great

So, we started asking it the regular questions, “who are you?” “When did you die?” etc.. and each time it answered, can’t remember what it said though, but it answered. We then put the Ouija Board back into the box and put it in the car in the back  behind the seat  and I was the only one in the backseat. My two other friends were up front. We wanted to drive to another place/park and play around with it more. So, we started off. I thought it would be funny to tell my friends that the Ouija Board just came out of it’s box! So, I told them that and they were freaking out, as I was laughing, cuz I made it up. So, my friend pulled over and opened the back of the  car and looked at the box, and the whole board was OUT OF THE BOX just sitting on the CLOSED box.. I am NOT lying, no one touched it to make this happen. We put it in the box when we left. We were all soooo freaked out, OMG.

So, of course, we took it out and asked it if the Ouija Board did that, and it said “yes”. We then asked, can you do it again, and it said “yes”. So, again, we put it back into the box with the eye piece UNDER the board, how it is stored, and put the box into the backseat trunk area of the car. Then  ALL 3 of us jumped in the front seat and started driving to the other park. Once we got to the park we all felt the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. Oh we were SCARED. We got out of the car, opened up the backseat trunk area and looked. It had NOT come out of the box, so we were like, oh whatever! I then picked up the box to hand it to my friend and the box was bubbled at the top. That was because the eye of the Ouija Board had somehow come out from underneath the board and made it to the top of the board, by itself… OMG.

By now, we were so dang freaked out by this Ouija Board that we left it were we stood and LEFT. That night, I was sleeping at my friends house and her dad walked in while we were sleeping to check up on us. I had NEVER met him before mind you all.. When he opened the door, I woke from a dead sleep and sat up and told him “Get the F*%k out!” and some other obscenities. He was so startled and left quickly. I then saw the eye of the Ouja Board rolling all over the wall in front of me. I jumped into bed with my friend and slept the rest of the night with her.

Her poor father probably thought I was the absolute WORST kid in the whole world with such a potty mouth!! I never got to tell him I was sorry, as I did not see him again and shortly after our friendship ended. But, how weird is that? The Ouja Board IS evil and should not be sold to children. The events that took place with me were real and true and if that can happen, what else could or would happen? What exactly are these boards and why can they contact evil things?

If you are ever planning on buying one for your family, don’t. They are scary and I would never recommend this “game” to anyone.

My sister has a bad story too, of the Ouja Board. Her and her friends use to always play it, just for fun. One time my mom was super late in picking my sister up from her friends house. So they asked it when my mom would be there. It gave them an exact time, and that is when my mom came and picked her up. Freaky? I think so. There was another time when they all asked when they would die. One of her friends DID die after asking this question, in a car accident. She was only 13 or 14 years old.

Just food for thought..

Have you experienced anything weird with the Ouija Board? I would love to hear it in a comment below!


  1. This happened October 31st, 2011 in Seagoville, Texas ; just outside of Dallas. It was Halloween and me and a few friends wanted to go out to a cemetery and see if we could get any responses with the board. The thing is, one of my friends who was with us, his younger brother had died 1 or 2 years before. He was 13 or 14 when he died and he was buried at this cemetery. We walked over to his plot and sat the board down. When asking if he were there, the eye quickly moved to “yes”. We continued to ask several questions and each question was quickly answered with a response that only Mark, the deceased little brother would know. It was a very weird yet emotional experience and I could only imagine how my friend, his brother, felt as this all went down.
    Well later on as the night continued, we moved to another part of this very large cemetery. We were apparently talking with an old man who seemed to have a good sense of humor then he started to respond less and less til this new spirit started to respond in his place. The mood had completely shifted. After a few questions, it revealed that is was a demon. It said it was the demon of another friend who was with us. That friend began asking a lot of questions and eventually 3 of the people among us asked what circle of hell they were going to. The board accurately gave each persons answer based off the main sin they’ve commited. such as lust and sloth. The story is way too long for this comment, we were out there for 7 hours so a lot happened but I thought I would share this little bit with you.

  2. My family have always believed in ghosts but we have never played with Ouija boards. As far as I’m concerned it’s asking for trouble. There are other things out there than the souls of our dearly departed…

  3. Chris Aument says:

    Crazy story. I had a similar experience, but I played the ouija board for 3 years. I haven’t played in like 5 years but the crazy part is something still follows me and I know that’s were it came from cause the strange things that happen around me didn’t start till I stopped playing. At first I thought I was just losing my mind but now my roommates are telling me about things that happen around me when I’m asleep, or if I’m not home, and it happens in every house I move into now.

  4. I won’t touch them. I’ve seen the paranormal shows on TV, and I’ve had my own experiences. We looked at a house when we were looking to buy our first house that was creepy when we walked in the front door. It got increasingly creepy as we went through the house and upstairs. When I opened the attic door to turn on the light and go up for a look, I opened the door, reached for the switch, and as I reached, I looked up the stairs. I never did turn on that light. Something evil looked back at me. I slammed the door and ran as fast as legs would take me out of that house. That was fun to explain to the realtor.

  5. That’s really really strange but I don’t think it’s evil lol. Did the board tell your sister’s friend when she would die? Because if so that is really weird!

  6. I never played them because I was always too scared. I get freaked out watching people use them in movies!

  7. Rehan Baloch says:

    Salam, i wanna tell all my brothers and sisters plz dont try to interfere with “them”. Ghosts and Demons do exist but we are not supposed to contact them in anyway.

  8. Honestly, I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe that demons exist. When I was about 12 years old, my tutor was selling an antique ouija board that was over 50 years old. We decided to play it to pass a little time since the yard sale was going a little slow. The ouija board was spelling out everything I was thinking (word by word) instead of answering yes or no questions. I tried it with my mom and one of my sisters, but it wouldn’t move. It would only move when I played it with my tutor. Needless to say, I don’t even like hearing about ouija boards. I still think about this from time to time and get a little freaked out. 🙁

  9. I have never used a Ouija Board, and never will. I wasn’t raised to believe that they were inherently evil, or anything like that, but I had a friend that had one when I was younger and even being in the same room with the box gave me gooseflesh. I can’t even stand to walk down the same aisle in a store where they are sold. Deuteronomy 18 tells us to have nothing to do with those who call on the undead, and if that is what the Ouija boards are doing, then I want nothing to do with them!

  10. Rebecca Shockley says:

    Wow, it’s like DeJaVu reading these posts. I too as a child played with one that came from a Walmart or Target and we used it at a birthday party of mine. My bedroom was in the basemnet of a split level home and we never had any problems what so ever and I wasn’t scared to sleep in the basement until after I used the Ouija board. The night after the birthday party I was trying to fall asleep and for some reason I kept looking into the room with the furnace, the Ouija board the farthest thing from my mind and then I swore I saw something a shadow, but not to freak myself out, I convinced myself otherwise. I covered my head with the blanket to make it darker, IDK, I always fell asleep when it was dark, anyway, after a few moments I took my head out from the blanket and there a foot from my face was a white mist shaped like some sort of face and it was see through through the eye’s, nose and mouth. I couldn’t catch my breath and after a moment I was able to suck in my breath and scream, but nothing absolutely nothing came out, I could feel my throat and vocal cords working, but nothing was coming out, I was so scared I couldn’t even move, then what seemed like forever, I covered my head once more and with some kind of adrenaline that came from nowhere, I through the blanket off and ran across the basement and up the stairs to my parents room where I fell asleep and told my parents the next day that I could no longer sleep downstairs. Now I have no doubt in my mind that something was in front of me and I contribute it to using the Ouija board. Now on a different note, the stories about throwing the board away and it coming back, absolutely it does, when I was a teenager my brother bought one from a garage sale, but what really made him uy it was the owner said that they had thrown it away several times and it always came back, she noted that it had been thrown into the trash and it was in the same exact spot in the house the very next day. My brother bought the Ouija board and brought it home and even attempted to use it, when my Dad found out, he was furious, he walked it out to the trash and to his surprise the next day, it was back in my brothers closet, he then burned it because he heard that was the only was to really get rid of it. Just thinking back on all of this, makes me so creeped out, do not meddle with these things.

    awesome topic and stories people, thanks Rebecca

    • Soooooooo creepy! But YES, they do and will come back!!! They are not something to mess with!!! Thanks for your story!

  11. chelesa sims says:

    I play with it once when i was a teenager an thought nothing out it but after researching an now knowing about these evil horrible things i will never ever even allow them in my house nor allow my kids to come near them. I cant believe they sell these things in toy stores. while some people may think they are harmless they are arent they bring demons in your house and evil in your life!

  12. Hey, there are alot of scary stories on this site. You can check them out:


    • Hey No name, LOL, I LOVE that site! I have been reading all those stories for the past hour! Thanks for the link 🙂

  13. i am like this story

  14. Thanks Kim! I’m all alone in bed with my 5 yr old sleeping next to me and I want to go get the rest of my babies to make me feel safe 😛 I have plenty of freaky stories but I don’t want to think/talk about them

  15. My Dad bought me a Ouija board when I was around 10 and it was one of my favorite possessions. He bought it from an Occult store so it was not one of the cheap ones from the games isle. I had one of those too, and it really did not have the same effect being made with plastic & man made fiberboard. The ones in stores are harmless.

    Even the “real” boards are perfectly safe to use if done properly. Draw a circle and be sure not to break it, and have someone nearby who is not using the board ready break the spell and banish/release the entity after you are finished. Cleansing with Sweetgrass & Sage before and after using is always a good idea.

    Just like real people, spirits can be tricky, deceptive, malicious and downright scary… but unlike real people they cannot hurt you if common sense is used.

  16. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Never had one, because my parents were strict Baptists and knew the things were evil.
    Yet, my older sister went to a sleep over at another Baptist friends home. There were several girls there.
    This particular family did have the board. The girls started playing it, asking questions etc… The parents went out to go pick up some pizza’s they’d ordered for the sleep over.
    Anyways the board via moving to letters spelled out for them to come up stairs.
    They told it “No” speaking to it, because it was dark up there and the parents weren’t home.
    It kept telling them to any question it asked for them to come upstairs.
    This went on for several minutes. The girls saying “No” and telling it to answer the questions they were asking it.
    I guess whatever spirit was controlling that board got really mad,
    because the girls and my older sister said that the bedrooms and bathroom doors upstairs started slamming. They were all properly open and no the furnance wouldn’t have blown them closed.
    Now the girls are freaking.
    Next the front door opens and the girls start screaming. Luckily it’s the parents of the girl back with the pizza’s they went to go pick up.
    The parents asked the girls what the screaming was about. The girls tell them.
    The Dad says that’s it. It get thrown out with the trash man tomorrow.
    Yet, the story doesn’t end there.
    So the Dad boxes the thing up and puts it in a gun safe he has and locks it up for the night.
    The next day the parents take the board out and actually hand it to the trash man when he pulls up to empty their trash can.
    The girls see this as they haven’t left yet to come to their own homes after the sleep-over.
    So now nothing.
    Then Sunday rolls around.
    Guess what, that family tells us that later that day they saw the board back in the locked gun cabinet. So while the Dad went to get his key to open it and take it out, it goes somewhere else in that home by itself.
    He comes to the gun cabinet, it’s not there, but the cabinet is still locked. He opens up the cabinet (it’s one of those that has some glass in the front so you can see in it) to look around a bit. No it’s not there.
    So he says to the family I guess we just imagined it. So later that day his wife starts cleaning out some closets to give clothes away that they don’t wear anymore etc.., and she finds it one of the closets. She calls her husband. He says we’ll burn the thing.
    Now they are on the ground floor of their home and the doors start slamming upstairs again. So they take it outside and lite it on fire.

  17. just wanted to say that i find it interesting how there is a Quija Ad right below this post so people can play Quija. 😛 just saying.

    we weren’t allowed those boards as we were raised in an odd christian home (cult) so of course we had to play with one when we were at a friends house. i don’t remember anything creepy perse. but i do agree that they shouldn’t be sold in stores, they’re not really ‘toys’ even by the definition of them and as it’s very well known to not be a game and more of a communication with the undead sort of tool, i’m not sure why any store sells them outside of those dealing with arcana. /shrugs for all the things moms have been capable of removing off the shelf for the safety of their children i don’t know why they can’t at least remove it from a ‘gaming’ shelf. i know no one can prove the supernatural but they can prove that it affects the mind of children and sometimes that’s more dangerous.

    • I can’t control my ads. I noticed that too and thought “OH GOSH” of course! But, they are ads that I cannot control unless someone knows otherwise. And yest, I wish that they would be pulled from the game shelves at stores too. It really does mess with your mind!!

  18. Some days I have a hard time believing in the paranormal, some days I feel like watching something scary and then I’m frightened out of my mind when watching paranormal shows on TV at night by myself lol (and really not wanting to look into mirrors afterward..)
    So I guess I do believe

  19. I dont remember anything exact that happened when my sister and two cousins were playing with it as young teens… I just remember the whole “feeling on edge and hair standing up” and feeling like we were being watched. I do believe in spirits, I guess some don’t. I figure if I was taught we have a living God and our spirits live, then why cant good or bad spirits be talked to or “called upon”?

    My daughter who is 24 and I have a fascination with the paranormal shows and books. She swears twice she has seen a “person”…in her room once ( a young girl with braids holding a basket of flowers and another time while driving her and a friend saw a “person” who melted into the fog and was not of this era). I do believe her. She also has messed with seances as a teen with friends at a nearby cemetery. I could never have done that…I would have died right there of fright. The whole drawing evil out like that scares me to death, but I do like to think you can draw out friendly spirits or that of passed family members maybe?
    I dont think those board should be sold, especially after reading a bit of info on the occult. scares me silly!

    • I totally believe in that stuff too and love reading about it! It really freaks me out though, so I can ‘t be alone when I read or watch that stuff!

  20. You are lucky you never played with them. It still haunts me today 🙁

  21. I never had a bad experience with one, but I remember being fascinated with the occult when I was about 13 or 14. We would do freaky things like call for Bloody Mary or have seances. It all seemed silly to me. Your experience is downright spooky!

  22. i never did because my mom always said they were wrong. i don’t know where you buy them or anything- i’ve never seen one. no one i know has ever offered to play or anything. i think from all the stories i’ve heard i’d prob be scared to play it.

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