DermaSilk Anti-Aging Products Review & First 100 Score A $5 Coupon!!

The dreaded wrinkles are somehow finding their way onto my face, around my eyes and some around my mouth. Excuse me? I NEVER said that they could do this… If they are not invited, then of course they just should not feel that they are welcome and take over my once young face. But, they are, sigh…

Thank heavens their are creams and anti-aging products like DermaSilk out there, that help with this sort of “problem”. I received the full line of DermaSilk. I needed to try it all. The full line includes:

5 Minute Facelift
90 Second Eyelift
Miracle Cream
Collagen Gold
Double Chin Firming Serum

Though I don’t have a double chin, I still liked that the line offered this. It is nice to try and firm up the under chin area, right? I have been using these products for about 2 weeks.  I really like the Miracle Cream. This is something I use every morning and night all over my face and neck area. The 5 minute facelift really does do what it says. But I did notice after about 5 minutes, if I try and make a facial expression, it will become wrinkely looking so, that did not work out too well for me. I gave that to my mom and she uses it now and likes it. It works for her. The 90 second eyelift does the same thing. After about, well, 90 seconds, my eyes do visibily have a more open appearance. However, if I squint then it became wrinkley looking and I just wiped it off. I also gave this to my mom and she likes it. The Double Chin Firming Serum does work. But, after a few minutes it kind of flaked off my chin, so I just rubbed it off and it still seemed like it firmed up that area. The Collagen Gold is a great serum that really absorbed into my skin leaving it very soft and supple. I really like that serum and use that at night only.

All in all, some of the products I was not thrilled with, but my mom is, and some I just loved and they really work for me. I realized with beauty products, you either like them or you don’t. EVERYONES skin is different and there are so many variables to be considered. So, just because it did not work for me, it did for my mom or could for you.

DermaSilks Mission:

Cosmedex™ is unlike any other cosmetic company because we are not a cosmetic company. We are a nutrition company. Unlike cosmetic companies, we understand the importance the body, as a whole, plays in the health of your skin. Our products use ingredients with proven results that are specially formulated to deliver beneficial nutrients directly where they can do the most good. Our formulators understand skin.

They know how ingredients interact with one another. Our topical cosmeceutical formulas are delivered transdermally, reaching the deepest layers of your skin. Our nutritional supplements are formulated with superior, quality ingredients that deliver the results you can only expect from DermaSilk. At Cosmedex, we have a commitment to making you beautiful on the inside and out. Thank you for choosing DermaSilk for total body beauty. It is an anti-aging line so if you are over 30-35, this is the product for you. We have been in business since 1995!

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I was sent product to review. These are my own honest opinions of this product, thanks!


  1. JI HANSEN says:

    I saw this offer posted while I was exploring products. I Have seen these products advertised and I’m curious if they REALLY DO WORK. I came upon this $5.00 coupon offer and decided to see if it was true and to see if the product will really work.

  2. The products sound pretty intriguing!

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