Office Furniture: Do You Have Any?

My home office consists of an arm chair and my lap top. Certainly not the best home office, that is for sure. I need to get myself an actual desk, comfy chair and some organizing baskets and folders. Heck, I need some office furniture, I need everything…

There are days when I am not even sitting in a chair, but on the floor with my children and using my lap top, just trying to get some posts done so I can relax. It is not only hard on my back, but my whole body.

I have seen many nice desks, chairs and organizing things, but it is just the time and money in actually buying the stuff. I suppose when my taxes come back, I could invest in the much needed office furniture.

What kind of home office do you work from? Does it have an actual desk and chair? What about organizing things, like shelving, baskets or bins? Where is it located in your home? Do you have a lap top or desk top computer?

Maybe if my readers can give me some tips, I can then use those tips and get my home office the way I want it for ME! Give me advice, please! It seems like this would not be hard, but it is.. ugh. I do know that CSN has some really nice office furniture and things, and the prices are very affordable.

What do you think? Advice please???



I am being sent a gift code from CSN for this post, thanks!


  1. We have a dedicated home office with three book cases, and a 9 foot L shaped desk that houses three computers, and then one of our printers,and our phone and modem/router etc.

    We bought the set up when my husband was telecommuting from home – now he works just 2 days a week from home, but I love that we have lots of room for all of us to have a proper ‘work’ space environment. Makes it much easier for homeschooling too 😉

  2. I agree I need to get some kinda comfy desk situation set up as well. I really like some of the office furniture that they offer.

  3. An office would be great too, but, I do like working from the couch, because at least I am in the same room as the kids. Maybe someday…

  4. My office furniture is the same as yours, an armchair and a laptop so I can relate to wanting to have an actual office. How great would that be!

  5. i so want a desk, the sofa and kitchen table are getting old

  6. At this moment I don’t even have my computer desk here, but I do have some ghetto looking set up at the moment. Even with a desk, I normally have my own office “corner” in the home with my computer, some filing items such as you showed above that holds my paperwork, manilla folders, etc for client tasks as well as blog review press releases of items I have yet to review. I also have a pencil/pen/paperclips holder, three hole puncher, stapler and a nice comfy office chair that I have yet to move back to my house with me.

  7. I’d help, but my office is the dining room table and a laptop.

    I love your about me on the side!

    PS I read today that a side effect of Melanotan II is spontaneous erection…it’s being looked at for ED in men now. Lol, it made me think of your blog.

  8. I wish I had some advice for you but my “office” is a corner desk shoved into the kitchen and an old chair with absolutely NO padding! What I wouldn’t give for a new desk like the one you posted. Just look at all that space!

  9. I’m with you, could definitely use some new office furniture. I spend far too much time hunched over my laptop at the kitchen table.

  10. I’m not sure I’m much help, I sit on the couch with my laptop. My desk is an end table and has to be moved frequently to avoid my daughter running off with everything.

  11. I need to start shopping for new craft room furniture, I need to start browsing around to get some ideas of what I want (I also need to measure my space). I’m hoping for organization but I know myself well and it won’t stay that way at all. 🙂

  12. You have some great ideas with the photos you posted. I would start with a comfy office chair like you posted. you can sit starting at any table in your home, but your back & body needs that support from a good office chair. I could use those organizer items you show, my desk top pc is on a desk but the top of the desk looks like the 1st pic here, LOL1 I am buried in paper!

  13. I love that fourth picture. I try to keep my office space tidy, but it’s so hard at times! I can also use some new office furniture.

  14. Make sure the desk has lots of space. Mine doesn’t and it drives me crazy.

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