Easy Up Dos To Keep Cool In The Summer Heat! (Review Too!)

We all know that summer is FINALLY here, whoosh it sure took a while for those of us here in the Northwest! Now that we are getting some warmer weather, having my hair up in a pony tail is a MUST. I have VERY long and very thick hair and having it waving around in my face and weighing on my neck, really gets me irritated, if it is warm enough outside.

So, every morning my hair gets thrown up in a big ol pony tail! Of course I always seem to get those really cute fly aways or the hairs behind my ears will come forward and loop around my ears, LOL, and that is not too cute I must say.

I received some great products to help with those fly aways and loop ear hair thingys. VO5 is here to make your up dos more than just basic, their products will help turn your basic piggy tail into a gorgeous and glamorous look!

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For glamorous up dos, you can check out Reese Witherspoon’s ‘60s-inspired pony is a fun way to incorporate a retro look into your every-day style.

1.    Work in Perfect Hold Styling Mousse into damp hair. Blow dry with a large barrel brush

2.    Using a 1 ½-inch curling iron, create loose waves throughout hair

3.    Once hair has cooled, divide hair into two horizontal sections

4.    Back-comb hair at the top of the crown, gently smooth the top section back without flattening the volume and secure by criss-crossing bobby-pins

5.    ** For a fun date-night look, add a fun hair clip to the side


French Twist
Modernize the French twist by adding volume and texture like Julia Roberts

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1.    Work in Perfect Hold Styling Mousse into towel-dried hair.  Add a diffuser to the blow dryer when drying hair to keep hair’s natural texture

2.    With a fine-toothed comb, gently tease the crown to add volume

3.    Bring hair to one side, be careful not to flatten the crown, criss-cross bobby pins vertically up the back of the  head to create a foundation

4.    Bring hair up into mid-height side pony, wrap the hair around thumb and twist it up into a cone shape.  Secure with U-shaped pins.  Tuck the ends inside the cone

5.    Finish with Perfect Hold Styling Hairspray



Classic Pony
Sofia Vergara keeps it simple and fresh with polished pony

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1.    Apply Perfect Hold Styling Mousse into towel-dried hair.

2.    Create gentle waves with a 1 ½-inch curling iron

3.    Gently tease hair the crown with a fine-toothed comb

4.    Leaving a small section of hair at the nape of the neck, secure the rest of the hair in a mid-height pony, be careful not to flatten the volume at the crown

5.    Take the remaining hair and wrap the base of the pony, secure with a bobby pin

6.    Finish with Perfect Hold Styling Hairspray


Bohemian Braids
Keep things fun and laid back with a braided look like Jessica Alba

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1.    Work in Perfect Hold Styling Mousse dry hair.

2.    Section off a 1-inch section from the front of the hair line and create a French braid from one ear to the other, tucking in the ends with a bobby pin

3.    Section off another 1-inch section behind the original French braid and create another French braid in the opposite direction, tuck the ends in with a bobby pin

4.    Create a bun with the remaining hair and finish with Perfect Hold Styling Hairspray



Elegant Bun
Look sophisticated and classy with a side bun like Nicole Kidman

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I received some the VO5 Perfect Hold Styling Products to try out. I have always really loved using the V05 products. They are inexpensive, they work just as well, in my opinion, as other more expensive brands. The hairspray does not leave residue on my hair making it flaky.  The products give my hair the hold that it needs, while still leaving it manageable and not lacquered down like some strong hairsprays do. They also smell really good. The ones I received smelled kind of like watermelon! So, I am very pleased with the products I got to try out.

I did a quick up do a couple of days ago,  for you to all see…


VO5 products are available nationwide at drug stores, food stores and mass merchandisers with a suggested retail price of $2.00.  Log on to www.vo5.com for more information about where to buy, product offerings and other exciting brand initiatives.


I was sent product for this post. My opinions on these products are my own, the tips above are not. Thanks!



  1. Wow! There is a lot to do with hair

    This, probably, explains why my GF spends so much time in the bathroom before we go out…

    mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

  2. You did a beautiful job

  3. I love the classic pony… anything to keep my hair off my shoulders in the summer heat is great!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very cute styles!

  5. You totally look like you should be on the red carpet too!

  6. Your version of the ponytail is the prettiest 🙂

  7. OMG, LOVE the look Reese Witherspoon has.

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