Post-it Back-To-School Products

Back-to-school, those terrible, dreaded words that I so did not like, when I was school aged. Summer was officially over and hitting the books was the only freedom I would see for a while. Man am I glad I am no longer going to school, LOL. Not that school is/was bad, just did not prefer it!

But, it did always interest me to go back-to-school looking GREAT. Having the best clothes, shoes and of course school supplies, made going back to school a bit easier..

Show off your back-to-school smarts and style with post-it tabs, pockets, label pads and MORE. I had the opportunity to receive a wonderful, large assortment of Post-it brands most sought after back-to-school stuff! Man it was a doozy! I was so excited to open up this package, even if it was just school supply stuff 😉

What Did I Receive?? Well, lots of stuff, but some of my all time favorites were the Apple-Shaped Post-it Pop-Up Note Dispenser (which my son will be giving to his teacher on his first day of  school!!!!), Post-it pockets that are not only great for organizing homework, but my home office area too! We also got some other wonderful products and just love them all.

With Post-its 2011 design collection, everyone can go back-to-school in style!

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I was sent product to review. These are my own honest opinions, thanks!


  1. Megan Owens says:

    The apple dispenser is so cool! That’s awesome you got all those post it note products 🙂

  2. Postits are always on our back-to-school list. I love those labels!!

  3. I need this stuff for ME…help mr organize!

  4. Your apple rocks lol. I have to get the labels. I totally forgot about those, thanks!

  5. I love how far post its have come!! Can’t wait to check them out!

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