The True Story of Puss ‘N Boots (Review)

I thought that this would be a very cute movie for me to watch and my kids. The True Story Of Puss ‘N Boots looked really entertaining!

We received a copy of this movie and it was raining outside, so I decided to put it on for the kids. We grabbed a warm blanket and some popcorn and sat down and pressed play.

This movie is about a young farmer who inherits a talking cat with magical boots. With his wit, Puss helps the boy win the heart of the princess while battling mean suitors that are really just after the throne.

My kids really liked the movie. With the different songs (kind of weird for me!) and the animation (again, kind of weird for me), they enjoyed it.

I am really really trying my hardest to find really good things to say about this movie, but for the most part I could not watch it. But, since it is for kids, my kids enjoyed it. I heard them giggling at silly parts of the movie and they even got up to dance to part of it.

For me, I just could not do it. The voice of Puss really puts me on edge, don’t like his annoying voice and the songs and singing in the movie sort of remind me of the weird songs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The animation is a bit eerie to me too. But, that is just me. My kids enjoyed it, mainly my son.

William Shatner (Actor), Yolande Moreau (Actor), Jerome Deschamps (Director), Pascal Herold (Director) | Rated: G | Format: DVD


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I was sent product to review. These are my own honest opinions of this product. Thanks Team Mom!!


  1. I’d probably watch this just because Will Shatner lends his voice talents!

  2. Yeah, this movie has a lot of bad reviews. However, my son liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Linda Yan says:

    Oh it looks so cute! I liked hearing what you had to say because I would have just been sucked in by the cover!

  4. I really love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both versions, so I wonder if I’d like this?

  5. I haven’t been hearing a lot of good things about this movie.

  6. Thanks for your honest review! Personally, my kids are 2 and 3 and I watch almost all movies/shows with them because I’m crazy-uptight about what they’re exposed to.

    I think most animated feature-length movies do a pretty good job at entertaining adults while being focused on kids’ humor. If a movie doesn’t do that, it’s not one that’s going to work for my family.

  7. This sounds like it will be so fun!

  8. We are getting this as a Christmas gift!

  9. My kids love Puss n’ Boots.

  10. Sorry you didn’t like the movie- I’m aching to see the Shrek one that’s out right now!

  11. WIlliam Shatner is Awesome in my book

  12. Great movie!

  13. My boys have been itching to see this since the commercials started. Sounds cute!

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