Way Basics Storage Cubes Review

In this house I swear nothing is organize. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly TRY to organize, but my organizing does not last long, sigh..

And, as I have talked about in previous posts of mine, we use speakers as tables in our home. Such a HUGE petpeeve of mine, but we do it non-the-less..

I was introduced to Way Basics and really liked their products. I was able to review 3 Storage Cubes and could not wait until the arrived. When they did, I was excited to get started on making them! You see, Way Basic Storage Cubes and all their products are made from unique zBoards (which are made almost entirely (99%) from post-consumer recycled paper) and you put the cubes together with Super-strong 3M brand adhesive strips and little pieces of cardboard! Too cool!

While the zBoards are very strong, they are made from the lightest form of wood byproduct. They turn the post-consumer recycled paper into very strong boards that weigh 62% less than particle board!! I thought that was very interesting.

The storage cubes are very very easy to put together. You just read the simple directions, peel and stick the boards together after inserting the four little cardboard tubes into the holes and apply the sides and back and you are done! The no tools assembly is great for busy parents to quickly get these storage cubes put together and done in record time!

They are adorable and I love them. I have one by my bedside, one in my kids playroom and one in the spare bedroom. You can also use them all together and stack them. They come in different colors, but I opted for the Natural look. They are durable and pretty strong, which is great around busy kids!

Next time I might have to get the modern bookcase. My kids have a TON of books that need organizing and I think a great bookcase would be great for that. I loved this product so much, that I featured it in my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide!!


You can purchase Way Basics Eco Friendly Storage Cubes by visiting Way Basics online at http://www.waybasics.com/

And feel free to connect with Way Basics on Twitter, Facebook or on their blog!


I was sent product to review. These are my own honest opinions thanks!


  1. Looks great for organizing bits and pieces!

  2. I have a shelf unit from them, and I absolutely love it!

  3. How great a product is this?! So useful and versatile – everyone needs more storage space.

  4. Wow, that is really basic, yet so useful.

  5. Basic is Better! So many great uses with this product and I love that it’s made from recyclable materials!

  6. I think this would help us organize the children’s rooms.

  7. Patty White says:

    So many ways to organize with these is just running though my head. I just love these and love all of the color options available.

  8. That looks so nice. I need something by my bed

  9. I don’t think you can go wrong with something as clean as those storage unites, so cute!

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