General Mills Whole Grain Cereals Review


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Are you getting enough whole grain in your diet? Chances are you are not. And, identifying whole grain products can certainly prove to be challenging, while out shopping. Sure you can look for nutritional cues on the front of the products, but you really need to read the back labels to see what is really in these products.

Below are some recommendations from Dr. Travis Stork, (emergency room physician and host of “The Doctors), to help you include whole grain easily into your diet:

  • Start Early! The Dietary Guidelines recommend people get at least 48 grams of whole grain in their daily diets. Get a jump-start on the day’s nutrition by incorporating whole grain into your morning routine. For instance, when choosing cereal make sure whole grain is listed as the first ingredient. One easy choice is cereal with the white check, which have more whole grain than any other single ingredient.
  • Make Simple Swaps. Choose whole grain versions of the foods you love. Great options include whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread or even whole grain crackers. Also, try different types of whole grain. Use brown rice instead of white rice as a side dish at dinner or popcorn, which is a whole grain, for a snack.
  • Don’t Judge a Food by Its Cover. The front of food packages provide good nutritional cues, but don’t forget to read the ingredients and check the nutrition label and side labels for additional health information. Cereals with the white check even include the amount of whole grain per serving on packaging.

Me and my family are trying to be more healthy this year and are trying to add more whole grains to our days. General Mills has some delicious whole grain cereals to help us do just that!! Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Honey Nut Cheerios® and Total® are the delicious cereals that can be found on your store shelves with the white check on it for more whole grain!

To help with choosing products with more whole grain, General Mills developed “Fast Lane for Whole Grain,” an online educational game. You can navigate virtual grocery store aisles and identify products that have whole grain as the first ingredient, with the option to enter a sweepstakes to win one of each of the 50 cereals with the white check.!! For more information about this, please visit the Whole Grain Nation Website.


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  1. Eating this cereal daily will really help increase my whole grains a lot.

  2. since I am not a whole grain girl there has to be a product to help me put it in my diet these cereals I am familiar with and like so I believe they will help my diet

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Having whole grain cereal will help me get those needed grains into my diet in an easy and enjoyable way.
    Thanks so much.

  4. you know am not the type of person who has time to read labels of everything i eat.. i have two small kiids and am busy A lot of the time.. the fact that general mills makes it easier to see the goodness of there foods is amazing i can be asured am giving my kids (who are picky eaters!) great food w/o spending way to much time i dont have reading labels

  5. Alicia Keen says:

    keeping me full longer

  6. I love Cheerios! thanks!
    button is on my blog

  7. Marilyn Wons says:

    My eating Cheerios in the morning I have a good portion of my daily grain needed intake.

  8. Shelly Peterson says:

    I try an incorporate whole grains in my families diet as much as possible, this is just another great way in helping to do that. My kids love these General Mill cereals

  9. Will help the kids gets their whole grains and enjoy the food 🙂

  10. I’d say the classic Cheerios

  11. Janet Jackson says:

    I love that it will inject whole grains into our diet without making any changes in how we eat. ie we already eat Lucky Charms but now we’d get more whole grains in our diet when we eat them! 🙂

  12. Samantha C. says:

    This cereal will be the largest amount of whole grains that I eat!

  13. It will help increase my grains and it will also increase my children’s grains intake as well since we don’t consume the bulk of our grains until dinnertime.

  14. crystle tellerday says:

    lucky charms

  15. because they have at least 9grams of the daily 45grams I should have a day

  16. jodi lasher says:

    Since i rarely eat much of anything i am sure that eating these cereals would make me ALOT healthier.. Thanks for the chance

  17. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We are already going to whole grains wherever possible. The white check will make this easier to do.

  18. kindra baron says:

    I LOVE cereal & often eat it for a snack as well as for breakfast. So it will be a way for me to up my whole grain intake without having to change too much about my everyday routine!


  19. Honey Nut Cheerios will help me!

  20. EMMA L HORTON says:


  21. I’ll be eating Whole Grain cereal for breakfast…and maybe a snack or 2 🙂

  22. I love cheerios!

  23. Hazel Miller says:

    I give my cereal before I send them off to school.

  24. Have your button on my sidebar @

  25. By starting our morning with a headstart with more protein. AWESOME way to start your day!!!

  26. Susan Smith says:

    Eating Cheerios will help me increase my grain consumption

  27. Eating whole grain cereals helps me increase my intake of whole grains.

  28. I love whole grains, but my hunny doesn’t feel the same…cereal is one of the few ways I can get him to eat them!

  29. Stephanie P says:

    Cheerios are great -we even have cereal for dinner some times.

  30. Michele Behlen says:

    I don’t eat alot of whole grains so cereal increases the amount in my diet.

  31. Rhonda Clemens says:

    Lucky Charms & Regular Cinnamon Toast crunch!!

  32. It will help increase my whole grain intake, because I think cereal is the #1 way that I get whole grain. these are my favorites, so that is really exciting to me.


  33. This will help the grand-kids gets their whole grains!


  34. Cereal is my favorite way to increase my whole grains!

  35. Tamara B. says:

    I will be encouraged to eat more grains because I love eating Cheerios for breakfast

  36. I would love cereal so eating these will be a great way to add whole grains to my diet.

  37. I have cereal every morning, so this would be quite a change!

  38. I like knowing that my kids are getting good nutitrious food when they have cereal in the morning.

  39. I will be nice to get the whole grain first thing in the morning.

  40. like golden grahams

  41. We love to eat cereal for breakfast, so this is a healthy way to get our grains and still eat what we want

  42. Michelle C says:

    Since we all love snacking on cereal, this is a really effective way to get our grains! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  43. Michelle C says:

    I have your button on my sidebar!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  44. I have your button on my blog

    littleamberfaith at yahoo dot com

  45. Tracy Gnann says:

    It will make it easier for me to spot the good cereals.

  46. Kathy Boccard says:

    The white checks on the boxes make it easy to pick a whole grain variety. I don’t have to think about it!

  47. i eat a lot of cereal, so this will be a big help.

  48. Ruth Eisen says:

    Love Cheerios!!

  49. This is an easy way to up the intake of whole grains. Heart healthy, and always yummy.

  50. They will make it easier for me to spot healthy options in the store.

  51. Any food that has more whole grain that I am willing to eat raises my intake of those whole grains.

  52. Michelle P. says:

    Thanks to never ending morning sickness, Cheerios are one of the few things I keep down well in the morning, which would absolutely boost my whole grain count for the day. 🙂

  53. Russell Moore says:

    I can switch out Cheerios for my regular breakfast of oatmeal.

  54. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    I need all the fiber I can get to
    Lower my cholesterol

  55. consuming cereals with ample amount of whole grains in the morning will help me to reach 48 grams recommended.

  56. We love Honey Nut Cheerios.

  57. It will help my son more so than me. He’s a picky eater, but he likes most of the cereals in this pack.

  58. I will be eating more of it in the morning and for a snack!

  59. Christina Sparks says:

    help me lower my cholestrol

  60. Debra Ford says:

    It will increase the whole families fiber intake because we eat cereal every morning.

  61. Because it’s a good way to get the daily amount of whole grains.

  62. Honey Nut Cheerios help to provide me with a serious amount of my whole grain intake!

  63. will help keep us healthy by eating more whole grain!

  64. Brittney House says:

    I love classic cheerios and I that its made with whole grain

  65. I have your button on my blog:

  66. Easily because I love cereal, especially Cheerios!

  67. Cheerios will be a great tasting way to add whole grains.

  68. cereal is my main staple for breakfast most mornings

  69. I like Reese’s Puffs.

  70. It will help me because it is effortless way to get extra grain

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  71. other info

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  72. This cereal will help me because I KNOW that I am not currently getting enough whole grains in my diet!

  73. It’s an easy substitute for something we already eat

  74. Since it tastes good, I’ll more likely eat more of it and so it’ll inrease my whole grain intake.

  75. Debra Hall says:

    it keeps me eating healthy

  76. I’ve loved Total, all my life!!!

  77. I already eat a lot of whole grains, but every bit counts. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. Eating my Lucky Charms will help me not only enjoy breakfast, but also to get that whole grain nourishment I need to keep moving.

  79. kathy pease says:

    this would help us get more whole grain because my kids love cereal they would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if they could 🙂

  80. Kat Emerick says:

    helps me increase my intake of whole grains.

  81. mary gardner says:

    because i don’t get enough whole grains in my diet and am bad about just eating whatever is the first thing i grab in the a.m. for breakfast. this would help me have and extra serving of whole grains daily.

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  82. cherrios

  83. Will help the kids gets their whole grains

  84. It will help me with my kids.

  85. Terry Cross says:

    It will help to start my day with whole grain

  86. Deborah Wallin says:

    I have recently tried to incorporate more whole grains in my diet, and this will be an easy way to do.

  87. shirley pebbles says:

    It will help because I barely get any right now.

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
    twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

  88. shirley pebbles says:
  89. Theyl will increase my whole grain intake because all Big G cereals have at least 9 grams of whole grain per serving.