Blueprint to Quit: Help To Quit Smoking (My Personal Story)

I never had to worry about smokers in my home growing up. I grew up Mormon, so there were no worries as my parents, brothers and sisters followed the religion, religiously 🙂

After I got married and had kids, my mother-in-law remarried and married a man who smoked, A LOT. He became a part of our family and we loved him dearly. My kids really got attached to him.

This year in April, smoking took his life. He had a massive heart attack because of smoking and did not recover. It was sooo unexpected and we asked him MILLIONS of times to PLEASE quit smoking. He tried for one week and could not do it as he had been smoking his WHOLE life. We then knew, he would never quit, ever.

It is sooo sad to see someone you love so much, kill themselves, slowly. Smoking is so bad for you and for those around you. I KNOW it is addicting, I get that, I really do. I saw how addicted to smoking my father-in-law was, and know what it can do to you. My mother-in-law is now all alone. She cries all the time and feels soooooo lonely. We are trying to move her into our home, so she does not have to be alone anymore. We want her to be happy again.

We will always remember Grandpa Dan and love him so much. No one can take those memories from us. But, smoking took his life. It is sad but true…

If you smoke and want to quit, you should try. If you don’t try for yourself, try for the ones who love you so much and need you to be healthy!

One way you can stop smoking, is to check out the Blueprint to Quit program. We all know that quitting smoking is extremely difficult to do. For example, 85% of quit attempts are unaided and the average quitter is successful only after his or her seventh try. however, smokers are unaware of the information and tools available.

There are two major factors that play into tobacco cessation:

Problem #1: Overcoming the physical addition to nicotine
Problem #2: Overcoming the psychological or emotional cravings for nicotine
For these two problems, there are two solutions for quitting smoking:
Solution #1: Pharmacotherapy or Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
Solution #2: Behavioral Support

Get these Solutions and Savings at Blueprint to Quit on Nicorette and Nicoderm have put together a Walmart-exclusive program that gives you everything you need to quit smoking for good. Visit


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 Do you smoke and are trying to quit, or  know of someone who smokes and wants to quit? If so, check out this info and please, pass it along to your friends and family!


 I am being paid for my time in writing this post, however, all opinions are my own as is my story. I really wanted to share this information with you all, thanks.


  1. Watching the stages of cancer has got to be one of the most miserable things for a family to go through! A loved one of ours died several years ago from lung and brain cancer. Watching him go through so much pain his last night alive was one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever witnessed. I never want to see someone I love go through that again! Thanks for the info, I will be passing it on!

  2. Isn’t it weird how we KNOW smoking kills but yet we mass produce cigarettes anyhow? It just makes no sense! I’m in support of any program that can help people stop the habit.

  3. I am addicted. Have been since age 14. I quit and go back every time. Not right away, have quit for 1-2 years a time. I smoke outside so with Winter coming in NH I should be able to kick the habit/addiction for good. I love this program and am really thinking about using it!

  4. Karen Medlin says:

    So Sorry for your loss of a family member, my MIL is a smoker and we are trying to get her quit. I will pass this info on to our family members to share with her.
    Thank you for sharing the info.

  5. So sorry for you familys loss. Smoking is a tough one. I’ve never smoked, but my mother smoked for the entire time I was growing up. She quit almost 15 years ago now – cold turkey – but I remember being embarrassed by her smoking when I was a kid.

  6. Richard Hicks says:

    Sorry for your loss. Glad to see you sharing this because a lot of people still smoke and the majority want to quit. Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances on the planet

  7. I’m really sorry for the loss you and your family had. I hope your mother-in-law is feeling a lot better soon. I went through it w/my mom too, and she lived w/us for a bit until she got over being so lonely too. I’m really happy to say she’s doing well now! It’s nice that you’re spreading the word on a helpful way to stop smoking.

  8. What a great option! My mom quit smoking 16 years ago cold turkey…best decision she ever made (besides having kids of course Lol)

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