Brobo: The New Huggable Night Light! (Review)

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My kids LOVE things that light up, especially at night. Things that can softly glow in a dark room, is very comforting to my kids (and me too!).

broba huggable night light plush for kids

We received some really cute plush from Brobo. They are a new, huggable  night-light for kids! They are super cute and adorable. They are so comfy to hold onto, when my kids are snuggled up in bed. Brobo is a brand new robot plush line being launched in Canada and the US. They are just too cute!

Aren’t they cute? There is five styles to choose from:

Brobo Shine Force

Dog: Shine Force

Mumu: Shine Force

Pep: Shine Force

Trex: Shine Force

brobo plush night lights

They are all so cute and soft! My kids love the ones that they received. They each use one every night, to help them fall asleep.

Brobo is a small cuddly robot with big bright heart. You can find Brobo and his robot friends in online cartoons, storybooks, and toys! I love this and so do my kids.

brobo night light plush

These take batteries ( not included) and once the batteries are in, the night-light goes on. It is bright and cheery for those dark nights! My kids seem to fall asleep a lot faster with the Brobo huggable night lights in bed with them. My kids can take Brobo to bed and control the light by themselves. Plus it turns off automatically after 5 minutes.

How do I activate Brobo?

Swipe his chest with his right hand to activate “flashlight mode” for playtime.
Swipe again for “night-light” mode at bedtime.
Swipe again to turn the light off.
The light has a 5-minute auto-off.
Make sure the power switch inside the head is flipped ON.
You can purchase these online, exclusively at They retail for $29.99.
You can connect with Brobo on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest!!



  1. vickie couturier says:

    those are so cute an my grandkids would love them

  2. Wow, technology has come a long way from when my girls had glow in the dark pets we lit each nigh by a light bulb to glow as they fell asleep. These are neat–and so big.

  3. Oh, I like this, so cute!

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