Back To School Memories With Staples

Last month we were feverishly trying to prepare for the back to school year. We purchased the clothes, supplies and all the necessities that go with going back to school. We also tried going to bed earlier, to prepare for the longer days ahead.

first day of school

It is not easy-going from summer routines, to back to school/fall routines. It takes time and work! My kids still want to stay up and have those fun ‘movies madness’ nights. But, those are now reserved for the weekends!

back to school bus

I still cannot believe I have a first and third grader. Where has the time gone? Where have my babies gone? It makes me so sad to see their first day of school (kindergarten) pictures. They were SO little and baby-ish still. Melts my heart into bits and pieces and sometimes I cry when I look at how little they once were! I wish I could hold onto the forever and have them stay so little forever, always wanting and NEEDING their mama and no one else! But, I know that will not happen, well hopefully the ALWAYS needing ME, will happen always, but the other stuff.. ya, I can’t keep them little!!

lunch bag from Staples

Since I can’t keep them little, memories we will make! Moments I will capture, not only in my heart and mind but with my camera too. Back to School brings floods of memories (hey, look at the stuff I just wrote above..), and I am glad I have great ones and my kids do too.

I remember when my son had his first day at kindergarten. He was SO shy, Oh my goodness was he SHY. It literally took him TWO  months to make a friend and that was because this friend (who is now his BEST friend in the whole world) came up to him and wanted to play with him. What a neat little boy. I am forever thankful for that little boy and we adore him! Now my little boy is excited to be at school (for the most part!) and has friends galore to play with! And of course, his bestest friend EVER to play with!!

My little girl, on her first day of kindergarten, was NOT very shy. She was the complete opposite. She did not even wave at me when I left the kindergarten door (with tears in MY eyes..). Nah, she was too busy at her table looking at her new classmates! At least I knew I had nothing to worry about with that girl! LOL. She is so outgoing and VERY talkative. The first day of kindergarten, she got her ‘card switched’ to yellow. That means a ‘warning’ to stop talking and listen to the teacher. My son, NEVER had a card switched in his life!! See, they are SO different it is funny 😉

Man, writing this post and visiting ‘memory lane’ have me feeling quite sad! LOL. But it is nice for me to share these ‘firsts’ with you all. It feels good to do it!

Kindle Fire HDX sold at Staples

If you are still looking for back to school supplies or office supplies to make your home office more comfy, you should check out Staples. They have everything from the Kindle Fire, backpacks, lunch bags and lunch boxes and more to printer ink, furniture, home decor and LOTS more! Wow. So, go take a peek!  Now that school is back in session I have a bit of time (well not much as I do have a 20 month old!!), but some time to maybe spruce up my work space!

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What back to school memories or firsts do you have? Please, share below!

*Product was received. Opinions are mine. 


  1. Lily Kwan says:

    Thanks for sharing your back to school memories with us. The lunch bag looks very nice!

  2. jeanine feldkamp says:

    I love my kindle fire and my kids enjoy it too!

  3. Lots of photos.

  4. I remember my first son’s first day of kindergarten after being with me for five and a half years he sat in the seat, put his little hand on the window and started bawling. I started to freak out and as I was walking to the bus, thinking I would give him one more hug it started to pull away. I ran in the house crying, sobbing and calling my husband. He laughed thinking I was crazy! When my son got home he was fine, my husband was fine and still had a sick stomach.

  5. Our little ones do grow up much too fast. My oldest is in her senior year and we’ll be pulling out the pictures for her graduation montage much too soon.. So many first to hold onto dearly…

  6. I am SO super sad that our Staples closed. I am an ARC addict and went there for that stuff all the time. Boo.

  7. We use staples all the time. This year they were completely out of the calculator my son needed for school. We ordered it through staples online and got out from our local staples in a few day.

  8. That lunch bag is absolutely adorable. I don’t think I have ever seen one like that before. Here is to a fantastic school year for both of them!

  9. we got off easy this year with supplies. I didn’t need too much from staples, I’m hoping teacher are realizing they are asking for too much

  10. What cute pictures. I love the lunchpail.

  11. Casey Everidge says:

    i love that lunch bag!! its too cute!

  12. I love that print on the lunch bag. This is my son’s first year of kindergarten. I’m looking forward to making memories with my kids in the years to come.

  13. I never thought I’d get an e-reader, such as the Kindle Fire HDX, because I had always preferred regular books. However, it’s my go-to device for books and catching up on some of my favorite shows on Netflix. I even use it more than my tablet, haha!

  14. We got all of our school supplies at Staples this year from pencils to backpacks. It was a one-stop shop for us which made me super happy!

  15. Linda Madden says:

    I love Staples. I usually buy my high schoolers supplies there.

  16. Such sweet pictures! I love Staples great selection. I can’t believe my son is in First…no way!

  17. Their selection of office and school supplies is enormous, I can spend an hour looking at just notebooks! I didn’t realize they had things like lunch bags.

  18. melissa stone (@momma1g2b) says:

    Wow i love the lunch bag featured it’s super cute!

  19. I was in a Staples recently and was shocked by how cute all of their supplies are! There are so many great prints & patterns. We’re set with back to school supplies right now, but I know they will need to be restocked soon.

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