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Products that have different things to them or products that entertain with different things going on are the way to go. Lately I have seen more and more products on the market that are so versatile! From gadgets to toys, it is really cool!


Recently I was sent a really cute, new toy called Pop Out Pets! These are a hit with my daughter and little baby boy! The Pop Out Pets are adorable 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 stuffed animals that transform! What appears at first to be a dolphin magically transforms into a walrus, and then even a sea turtle in one quick flip! SO cute!

The Pop Out Pets I was sent was the Sea Life Creatures. They are soft and huggable and it can turn into THREE cute pets: Taylor the Tenacious Turtle, William the Witty Walrus and Daisy the Debonair Dolphin! Love the names of them too 🙂


Product Description

Dive into a world of discovery and imagination with this charming 3-in-1 trio, and let them take you to places you’ve never been in the waters off our coastline. With one quick flip, a turtle magically transforms into a walrus, and then even a dolphin. Your child will love to pop out a different pet, and discover more ways to play. From Pop Out Pets™.


Easy as 1-2-3:
1) Open the backside
2) Place your thumbs inside the one you want
3) Turn inside out and close


The Pop Out Pets convey to children, that they have the power to make a change, in this world! The Pop Out Pets have out some really cute themed pets like Sea Life Savers, Jungle Life Defenders, Wild Life Rescuers, and Farm Life Protectors. They are all really really cute! Plus, they are donating a percentage of profits to charities whose work supports their protection and survival. I think these Pop Out Pets are so cute and entertaining, my kids love them AND they teach our kids it is okay to make a change in this world! Plus there is a charity involved. It is all around good in my book!


You can purchase the Pop Out Pets online at http://popoutpets.com/. They retail from $39.99 to $49.99.


One person is going to win the Sea Life Savers Pop Out Pets of their very own! Think Christmas gift!!!!!


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  1. I love Hannah, the Humorous Horse!

  2. jeanine feldkamp says:

    I love the farm animal one! pigs are my fave.

  3. Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite Pop Out Pet is the Giraffe.


  4. Leanne Godfrey says:

    I like the Farm Life Protectors the best! My favorite of those is Hailey the Hallowed Hen.

  5. Daisy, the Debonair Dolphin

  6. Bobbie Smith says:

    I really like the Wild Life Rescuers

  7. I like the Farm Life Protectors – Hailey (the chicken)

  8. AwayGirl100 says:

    love the Wild Life Rescuers!!

  9. I like the jungle life defenders

  10. tara darity says:

    I like the giraffe one!!

  11. Jessica Lawrence says:

    They are all really cute, but I think I would choose the Jungle Life Defenders.

  12. Robin Wilson says:

    They are all adorable, but I think my niece would want the Giraffe.

  13. Ashley Bree Perez says:

    They are so cute!

  14. How adorable! I like the Wild Life Rescuers. Layla, the Loyal Leopard is my favorite.

  15. nannypanpan says:

    I like the farm life protectors

  16. I like Layla the Loyal Leopard.

  17. I like the sea life savers pet.

  18. Audra O'Hara says:

    My daughter would probably like the sea life savers the best. William the walrus is adorable!

  19. We love the Farm Life pets

  20. I like the Farm Life pets the best.

  21. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love Gabriella, the Gregarious Giraffe.

  22. wendy rozema says:

    I like Daisy, the Debonair Dolphin the best!

  23. Dawn Monroe says:

    Id pick the sea life savers.

  24. Sharon Schoepe says:

    I like the Wild Life Rescuers

  25. Amanda Alvarado says:

    LOVE the Sea Life Savers!!

  26. My favorite is Gabriella the giraffe.

  27. I really like the Farm Life Protectors, especially Caden the Charismatic Cow.

  28. I love William, the Witty Walrus!

  29. I like the Farm Life Protectors

  30. Linda Madden says:

    I really like the Wildlife Rescuers

  31. melissa stone (@momma1g2b) says:

    Wild Life Rescuers are my favorite! 😀

  32. Deborah Dorris says:

    I really like the Farm Life Protectors, but I also grew up on a farm.

  33. My favorite is the sea life savers pets.

  34. My favorite is Riley, the Rambunctious Red-Eyed Tree Frog.

  35. I like William, the Witty Walrus

  36. I really like the Wild Life Rescuers

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