DIY Holiday Treat Jar For Your Dog! #TreatThePups #Ad

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Hey now! If you have a canine in the family (and most people do!), then you certainly cannot leave them out of the holiday festivities!! Don’t you dare! They deserve more than that! After all, they ARE a part of the family too and holidays are all about that family 😉

Dogs are so sweet and loving and have so much love to offer their family’s, all the time. So, they should be receiving a treat or two for the holidays!

DIY Projects for your pets

My mother-in-law raises gorgeous little pugs and I really wanted to do something for those little guys and gals! So, I browsed the Big Heart Pet Brands Treat The Pups DIY Pinboard for some inspiration. Maybe I was overly inspired, because I had a hard time picking just ONE, to make! But finally I chose to make a cute treat jar for the pups!

DIY Dog Treat Jar

Now, of course I had to add my own touches to the “Howliday Treat Jar” I saw on the Big Heart Pet Brands DIY Pinboard. I always like to make each craft ‘my own’. So, I grabbed a glass jar (without a lid) and my supplies and went to work!

DIY Dog Treat Jar

First, I tied a red, satin ribbon around the opening of the jar. Next, I carefully started filling the jar with the Milk Bones, then layered the Milk Bones with the Pup-Peroni Treats (I cut them in half to make them fit nicely!) and then layered the Milk Bone on top and then the Pup-Peroni Treats until it reached the top of the jar, kind of ‘overflowing’ it.

DIY Dog Treats Jar Label

Next, I grabbed my chalk board pens and chalkboard labels and created a really cute and festive label to put onto the glass jar. I understand canines cannot read, but it was a nice touch that I am sure they appreciate, regardless of being able to read or not…

DIY Dog Treat Jar

I finished off this project, by adding a Milk Bone and Pup-Peroni Treat (which was cut in half), to the satin red ribbon. I thought it added a nice touch!

DIY Dog Treat Jar

And guess what? Hope the little sausage looking pug absolutely LOVED her DIY Holiday Treat Jar!! She could not wait to get to those delicious morsels and nibble them away! She is one happy little pug!

DIY Dog Treat Jar with Pug

I encourage you all, if you have a dog/s OR know of a family full of canines, to get in the spirit of giving, and make a crafty treat for them. Why not? Why would they not deserve something, too? If you are still wondering if you SHOULD do something for your pets, go look into their eyes right now… That will get you going! Promise 😉

Pug Kisses

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DIY Pup Friendly Gingerbread House Video

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I have a few friends who would love to get a DIY Holiday Treat Jar for their dogs! Thanks for sharing.

  2. vera wilson says:

    Pets are part of families also, so they need a treat for the holidays. Can’t eat the sweets like people do, so make sure they have something else special.

  3. That is a great idea for pets. Perfect treat jar.

  4. OH my goodness this is amazing. I think it is a super gift idea for friends with dogs. We’ll have to make up some jars and I love the labels, too!

  5. How cute! I think I might still make these as late Christmas gifts for the dogs in our neighborhood!

  6. Awww a pug kiss is so sweet! My pups would love this!

  7. How cute! Maybe we will try making one of these for our puppies today.

  8. Our furkids get gifts every year. I am not brave enough to make them homemade treats. Tried that once and they didn’t turn out so well. LOL

  9. We are bad furparents. We didn’t get our furbabies anything for Christmas this year. Maybe next year.

  10. That is adorable, my daughter would love this for her little Paisley! I sent gifts and actually forgot to send the puppy one, my daughter was like, what?? LOL

  11. This is an adorable idea! You can’t forget the pooch!

  12. So cute and what a great gift! I need to make one for my Zoey!

  13. Our four-legged family members gotta have their holiday treats too. I think it’s a great idea. 🙂

  14. Mine always get a few new toys. It keeps them busy while the girls open theirs. Your treat jar is super cute! As is the pug!

  15. Catherine S says:

    This is a really great idea. I need to do something like this for my sisters dogs.

  16. Adorable! What a great idea. My 3 pups would be totally happy and content with a nice little treat jar!

  17. Oh, how cute is this? We always make a stocking for our fur babies.

  18. What a fun way to include the fur babies in the festivities. I love that ribbon.

  19. What a sweet gift idea for your dog! Looks like the kisses were worth the effort!

  20. Your fur baby sure liked that treat jar! No furbabies for me right now, but I have been thinking of getting another one soon! I am partial to big breeds, I used to have a rottweiler and a German Shephard!

  21. You can’t forget your pets at holiday time, they are members of the family too! Our dog has her own stocking and we fill it with great treats like this.

  22. What a sweet gift for the pups! They’ll learn to be as excited about the holidays as we are!

  23. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We can’t forget our fur babies this time of year. I always get a few special things for my dog, Milo at Christmas.

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