Packing Smart For A Road Trip

packing smart for a road trip

I know lots of people will be on the road this summer. With the weather warming up and people wanting to go do things, it is important to packing smart for a road trip.

There are many many times I have either under packed or over packed, when traveling. One time, I had my two pairs of jeans I was bringing with me to the beach, drying in the dryer. And guess what I did? Yes, I left them in there and went to the beach! When I got to the beach and realized this mistake, it was obviously too late to go back and get them. So, I had to make do with the sweat pant capris I was wearing! We were gone for 3 days and the capris I was wearing were WHITE. Ya, that…

Anyways, then there is that time (or many times) I packed WAY Too much and could not even fit it all in our car with everyone nestled inside. So, I had to rearrange everything and take out things that maybe I just did not need.

I made a point to start packing just the right amount of things for our trips. Now I can honestly say I do a good job at packing. I no longer OVER pack and I no  longer UNDER pack, if I can help it! I check the dryer before I leave, that is for sure! No more trying to make it work in one pair of white sweat pant capris!

Read my article about packing smart for a road trip

What about you?

Do you OVER Pack or UNDER Pack? It’s Okay, I Won’t Judge…



  1. I tend to overpack, and we never get to eating all the snacks!

  2. ColleenMarie says:

    Good tips, going on a trip this summer!

  3. It is typical for me to bring to much but you can never be too ready when it comes to kids.

  4. Mary Happymommy says:

    I tend to pack too much and don’t end up wearing all the clothes I bring.

  5. Joanne Gregory says:

    I tend to overpack. But I have found the space bags that you can sit on to get the air out – it really helps get more stuff in the suitcases.

  6. Meganne-Odile says:

    I packed for a whole family reunion once in a couple bags… Forgot one of the bags… Sigh.

  7. Darlene Carbajal says:

    I think I pack just enough haha

  8. I feel I am a decent packer thanks to my mom. She always taught me to make a list, pack at least one extra outfit and two extra pairs of socks and underwear per person. I also try and take extra snacks and water just in case.

  9. vickie Couturier says:

    good tips,,we will be doing some traveling this summer

  10. nicole dziedzic says:

    I hate packing all the time no matter what it is for. Great tips on the link, especially the one about choosing versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn with other clothes, easily.

  11. Jeannie Eplion-Holley says:

    It is truly a challenge to pack a lunch that children will eat and be balanced. I love the skewer idea, I honestly never thought about that or labeling the items for order eaten purposes. Great article.

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