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Anyone and everyone who has read my blog for a while, knows how extremely difficult and heart wrenching it was for me and my hubby, trying to conceive our third child.

Ultrasound at 6 weeks

We did the IUI thing, injections, pills and MORE. Then when we finally DID get pregnant, I lost the baby.. That was so hard. I had already been through two miscarriages and almost lost my daughter, so I thought, maybe I was not meant to have a third child after all? It was a hard pill to swallow…

Then, out of NO WHERE and the month we stopped trying, our third child decided it was time for his mama to be pregnant again. And, I am sure you know the rest! Sheeeeeeesh…

Babies come when they want to, apparently. But, it is always nice to have a little help, especially natural help. With The Stork OTC, now being sold over the counter, now you can try to conceive naturally! I wish this had been available when I was going through all my treatments!

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So, I get it. I do. I know the pain, I know the heartache. I KNOW the inside jealousy you feel when you have been trying for SO long and then your friend gets pregnant without trying, in ONE month. Ya, I get it. Been there, felt that..

That is why I try to share trying to conceive options with you all. If you are struggling OR even if you want to ttc right now and never have tried, I want to get the information out to you about The Stork OTC. So, read on!

Pregnant belly

What Is The Stork OTC???

I have blogged about The Stork before, but that was before it became available OTC. The Stork OTC is an innovative, home-use device that helps with becoming pregnant. Whether you are just starting on your journey to parenthood or have been trying for longer, The Stork OTC optimizes your chances of conceiving.

The Stork OTC

This NEW treatment option is FDA-cleared for home-use without a prescription. The Stork OTC offers a relaxed and private way of conceiving in your own home using new technology based on cervical cap insemination. This smart technique puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix as possible, optimizing your chances of conception. This could definitely change the way couples approach challenges becoming pregnant!

Who Can Use The Stork OTC?

The Stork OTC can be used if you are diagnosed with infertility, have tried months without success, or simply want to get pregnant more quickly; also if you want to conceive without intercourse (LGBT, disabilities, single women).

The Stork OTC include common fertility difficulties attributed to both men and women, including:
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Motility Issues
  • Unfavorable Vaginal Environment (pH imbalance)
  • Unexplained Infertility

What Is The Success Rate Of The Stork OTC?

The Stork OTC, Cervical cap insemination’s documented success rate is around 10-20% which is similar to the success rate for IUI. I could have saved THOUSANDS of dollars using this, instead of the numerous IUI’s I had done, sigh :/

Where Can I Purchase The Stork OTC?

It is available now, online at  and/or in select retailer stores (CVS, Target, Walgreens, Single units and bundle packs available. Retails $79.99. You can get free ground shipping for a limited time, right now!


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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    I know someone who is.

  2. My friend is having a hard time so this would be great for her

  3. Regina Wright says:

    I’m currently trying to conceive with my husband. This would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Joey Wright says:

    My wife and I are TTC. Its been 4 years and she might have to get a unilateral oophorectomy due to her endometriosis. Its been hard. thanks for the chance!

  5. Yes, we’re trying to conceive, been trying for over a year.

  6. We’ve been trying to conceive for almost 2 years

  7. We aren’t preventing at this point, but since we lost the baby in 2009, it hasn’t happened.

  8. Not me but my sister

  9. We have currently been trying for about 3 months now.

  10. One of my best friends is currently struggling with trying to conceive.

  11. We will begin officially TTC in the next six months.

  12. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My oldest daughter is for the past 2 years.

  13. xty cruz says:

    Yes, we have been trying for 5 years now.

  14. melissa M says:

    We have been trying or 6 months.

  15. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We are going on 6 years of TTC baby #4!

  16. Sandy Cain says:

    I am not trying to conceive (OMG, I’m 60!) but I know a woman who is desperately trying for her next baby. This would be for her.

  17. vickie couturier says:

    lord no not me,,im a grandma but I do know some friends that are trying

  18. Austin Baroudi says:

    My best friend and his girlfriend are trying.

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