Psychics Can Help You to Find Your Soulmate

Psychics Can Help You to Find Your Soulmate

If you read my blog, you know that I have had a visit or 6 with a psychic 😉 When I was trying to conceive my third child, I had SO many problems, it was crazy! I never had problems conceiving my first two, so this was new territory for me.

In the process of fertility treatments and visits to the doctor, I reached out to a psychic! I have always believed the unbelievable anyways, so why not??? Why not try to get some questions answered by someone who was supposed to be able to see these things? Who would it hurt? No one! So I did it!

It was actually a Facebook group and this one lady was giving out really awesome readings. Everyone was raving about her so I went ahead a bought a $5 reading. I waited ‘in line‘ and soon she emailed me asking for my name and one or two other things. Then, she got back to me with my reading.

At first I did not really know what to think. I was beginning to feel like another child was out of the question with all the problems we were facing. But, the psychic said that she saw another child, ‘a little boy who was very free-spirited’. I certainly wanted my next child to be a boy, so that was nice to hear! So, that gave me some hope that she did see another child in our ‘near‘ future! She also said she ‘might‘ see another child, but that is really fuzzy..

Psychics Can Help You to Find Your Soulmate

Anyways, she went on to say a lot of other stuff that resonated with me, but made me think, ‘hmm, could this all be true?‘. We would see, wouldn’t we 😉 You will have to read my story, linked above! I still, almost every day, have a reader of mine, email me and ask me what the name of that psychic was and ask for her email address/website too! I am always so happy to be able to offer my story and that information for others seeking answers too! Makes me feel good 🙂

Psychics are sometimes used to find missing people. I only wish that they would use them MORE. I truly believe a good, honest psychic could help out with more missing people cases if it was allowed more. I mean WHY NOT??? What would it hurt to try? I only wish they would use one to find that poor Kyron Horman boy who has been missing for way too long 🙁

So, with my positive experiences with my psychic readings, I thought, why wouldn’t a psychic be able to help you find your soul mate? They use psychic’s for a lot of things and finding a soul mate should not be any different, if you are into that sort of thing.

Like being in wonder if I was going to have another child, it is the same thing for people who are wondering about if they have a soul mate or not. Why not ask a psychic? If anything you will walk away with a more positive outlook because you were given some sort of answer or answers. Certainly do not base the rest of your life, holding on to what the psychic told you, but you can take it as advice, if you want to or you can completely disregard it. That is the neat thing with visiting a psychic, you do not have to believe them. I simply chose to keep an open mind, that is all.

When things started falling into place, after my psychic reading, I was a bit excited. But, that may not mean it will be the same experience for you. Each psychic experience is different and for obvious reasons! You certainly want your experience to be different.

Maybe psychic’s can help you find your soul mate. You never know. Maybe when I was younger and I had internet, I would have had a live chat with advisors and asked them whether the person I was dating was my one and only. I love that kind of stuff and probably would have done that!

Do you think psychic’s are real? Do you think Psychics Can Help You to Find Your Soulmate?

What About You? Have You Ever Had a Psychic Reading Done? Would You?









  1. Penelope says:

    I’m sometimes a little scared to find out what is coming! But I do have a lot of questions!

  2. I’ve never had a reading done but it definitely would be helpful to have a sneak peek into the future!

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