Lyst Has Your Favorite Fashion Brands!

*This post is brought to you by Lyst. Opinions are my own.

Nothing like visiting a site and seeing ALL of your favorite brands in one spot! Now that is a site to bookmark and share with the universe! That site is Lyst. It is such a fun site to browse and shop on!


Not only do I like that all my favorite brands are together on one site, but I also really like the look and feel of Lyst. It is easy to navigate and find what I am searching for. I love being able to look at all the nice fashions and purchase them, all on one site!


If I am not sure what I want and need some inspiration, I can just browse and shop some of their favorite lysts! Talk about inspiration! Ha! I want it all!

I signed up with Lyst a week ago and have been checking it out to see what it is all about. I have been having so much fun! When you first sign up, Lyst will ask you some questions to get to know you better. That way, you will be browsing and shopping for what YOU want and not be wasting your time on other things you are not interested in. This site is great for busy shopping mamas!!


Then you are on your way to a great shopping experience, just make sure you have some money to spend!! I recommend browsing on this site multiple times before your birthday or a holiday and then let your family know what you would like 🙂 The holidays are coming up you know, hint hint!! I also love that Lyst sends you email alerts when an item goes on sale!

When you spot something you like, you just hit the ‘lyst button‘ and select a list from the options or create a new lyst. Then, just click on that lyst and a green check mark will go by the product you selected. That product will now be on whatever lyst you sent it to!

grey turtleneck for fall

See, this makes shopping so much easier and you can share your lyst via social media (Twitter, Facebook or tumblr). You or your friends can also leave comments on that lyst’s page! So there is also fun interaction going on too! Your friends can also ‘heart’ your picks!

Plus, if you want to personalize it even more (this can get addicting!!), you can customize your lysts! Add a cover image, edit title or add a description! Crazy fun! Come be friends with me on Lyst!

ankle boots

Joining Lyst is free and simple to do. It is a very fun shopping experience and can get quite addicting if you allow it to! Kind of fun and gives a fun place for you to shop and hang out, kind of like a virtual mall 🙂

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  1. Never heard of that site before and must say it looks interesting.

  2. Richard Hicks says:

    A place that I will check out when doing my online xmas shopping

  3. courtafi2138 says:

    I do a ton of shopping online so I will absolutely check it out! Thank you!

  4. I have never heard of it, but it looks cool!

  5. I have not heard of it but I will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I haven’t heard of Lyst until today reading this. I do most of my shopping online so sounds like something I should definitely check out.

  7. janeritz01 says:

    I haven’t heard of this page. I will let my daughter know. That’s her style when she’s off duty.

  8. They have some really cute things! Will have to check it out more

  9. I really like the items here at this store. I will have to check it out. Love the handbag.

  10. Susan Hartman says:

    I have never heard of them. I will check them out.

  11. James Robert says:

    I had not heard of this until now but bet my daughters would have some fun making a list.

  12. Nicole Johnson Huckins says:

    I haven’t heard of Lyst! Loving that Tory Burch watch.

  13. Natalie Brown says:

    I haven’t heard of Lyst before but it looks like they have some really nice products. I love this watch for sure!

  14. I am in desperate need of a wardrobe update and it looks like I can easily find some favorites with Lyst. I will be sure to check this site out soon!

  15. I have not heard of this site but it sounds like shoppng fun

  16. This is the first time I’ve heard of Lyst. I really like that Purse…think I’ll sign up and hang with you 🙂

  17. vickiecouturier says:

    no,first ive heard of this,,looks interesting

  18. Mary Becker says:

    I never heard of this site before you posted this. It seems hard to believe that I missed such a cool sounding site. It sounds like a blast to shop there! Will definitely be checking this one out!

  19. I have not heard of the site before but I will certainly check it out before the holidays.

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