Why Does My Bladder Leak And What Can Help With Bladder Leakage? #TryImpressa

Why Does My Bladder Leak And What Can Help With Bladder Leakage?

It really does not matter how old you are, bladder leakage happens. Maybe you have had a kid or 8 or maybe you just have a weak muscles down south, bladder leakage happens to the best of us!

Bladder Leakage Solution

Before I had kids, I did not have a bladder leakage problem. I have been working on correcting my bladder leakage issue, but at times, I still have it. Like when I jump on our trampoline, sneeze too hard or have a laughing fit with friends and family! Hey, it happens! And, I am not alone in this because 35 million women experience SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence), which are triggered by laughing, sneezing or whatever the case may be for them. It HAPPENS.

Poise Impressa

There is a product out there, to help us leaky ladies with our issue! It is Poise *Impressa* and it truly is an amazing product! It is just like a tampon, really it is. It goes in the same way as you would put a tampon in. Super easy to insert and the confidence it gives you is literally the best feeling ever! No more worrying you will spring a leak when you laugh, cry, sneeze or jump! Yay!

Poise Impressa for Bladder Leakage Issues

Since using Poise *Impressa* my confidence has soared. I no longer feel insecure with the irritating leaks that might happen if I get into a laughing fit with my kids! Nope, doesn’t happen anymore, thanks to Poise *Impressa*!

$2 Off Coupon!

You can grab your $2 off of Poise *Impressa*Coupon! Check out the *Impressa* sizing kit to get the most effective and comfortable internal fit for you. After you find your perfect fit, print off your $2 off coupon for 1 Poise *Impressa* Bladder Supports 10 Count Base Pack and go get some!! Start flaunting your new found confidence today!

Poise Impressa for bladder leakage issues

Do You Have Issues With Bladder Leakage?








  1. Julie Waldron says:

    This looks like a great product.

  2. I have a few friends that suffer from this. I am so glad they have a great product to help.

  3. I know a lot of women who suffer with this problem and think it’s great that companies are making a real point to address it. This looks like an interesting solution!

  4. What a neat idea!! I’m sure this is a great help to people with leaking problems.

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