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Do you enjoy being rewarded for finding and sharing deals, promo codes, discounts and more? I know I would love being rewarded for that! Now you can be, by signing up with Dealspotr (it is free to sign up!) and Share Great Deals And Earn Amazon Gift Cards!

With the holidays coming, this is going to be HUGE. Dealspotr already has a ton of users and you should be one of them! All you do is sign up at for free and then you can ‘design your feed‘ by clicking 5 or more stores (you can search for stores in the browser or select what they show you) so you can get the store deals in your feed. You can follow additional stores at any time.


Once you do that, you can then can view your feed. Your feed will be full of deals and promo codes that are perfect for YOU.  Dealspotr uses people, brands and categories you follow to build an awesome daily feed of the deals you want to see, nothing you don’t!

Right away in my feed, I see some great deals at Target (one of my favorite stores!). I also see some awesome Best Buy promo codes and coupons that I know I will be using! So far, this site is pretty cool!

Best Buy promo codes and coupons

At the top of your feed, you can click on ‘Hot Deals‘ and by clicking that, you are then brought to another page where it has the hot deals of the day! There are some pretty good ones there right now! When you find a deal you want to grab, you just click on the green button to the far right of the deal that says ‘Go To Deal‘ and it will bring you to that deal! Easy!


Okay, But What About Being Rewarded?

Okay! I hear you! You want to know how you can be rewarded by sharing deals, am I right? Of course I am!

To share deals, you go to the far right side of your feed and click on the ‘Post A New Deal‘ button. You will be brought to a page where it says ‘I am posting a single product deal or I am posting a store-wide deal or sale‘. Click which one you are posting. It will ask you questions about the sale/promo code etc., and then you provide a link to that sale page. Then press continue.


Then it will ask you a few more questions which are more in-depth (but still pretty easy to figure out/answer) and then hit submit deal. By submitting my first deal, I received Karma points towards my first reward. By signing up for Dealspotr you also will receive Karma points! In fact, for every task you do on Dealspotr (like follow 20 stores, etc..) you receive Karma points! You can see how to get more Karma Points and how many Karma points you can get for each task, in your right sidebar.

Karma Points from Dealspotr

By accumulating Karma points (they add up pretty quickly!), you can then redeem those points for Amazon gift cards! Who doesn’t LOVE I am on my way to my first reward, which is a $5 Amazon gift card, then $10 Amazon gift card and so on! Can’t wait!

Dealspotr Refer Friends

You can also refer your friends for Karma points! You get Karma points when someone uses your link to sign up. Get Karma points when your friend levels up, plus, your link gives your referrals Karma, just for signing up! See, points add up quickly!!

Earn MORE Karma Points!

Verify deals that work and earn karma. Browse the “needs verification” tab to find deals that need to be tested.

You get a fresh set of verifications in 3 hrs. Level up to increase your daily verification limit and earn more karma!

This is a great site to find awesome deals and to earn Amazon gift cards! I can’t wait to share this with my friends/family and am so happy I can share this with all of you! Sign up today, earn those Amazon gift cards and get ready for the holidays!

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  1. Looks neat, I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Terri Irvin says:

    Very interesting. I will have to check this out.

  3. Julie Lundstrom says:

    This sounds like a good program.

  4. Dealspotr sounds like a good program. I love earning Amazon gift cards, but I just don’t have time.

  5. Birdiebee says:

    I think this is a great idea and maybe someday I will do it but right now I have way too much on my plate with watching a one year old as well as watching my youngest granddaughter after school and on the weekends.

  6. Richard Hicks says:

    Will look into this closer. Always looking for ways to make money

  7. Sounds like a cool way to earn some gift cards. I’m already doing about 6 different things though to earn gift cards and I’m afraid I can’t take on anything else.

  8. I’m always looking for a good deal!

  9. This sounds like a wonderful idea. I never really understood how it worked, but you make it sound so easy. Going to check it out.

  10. goin to check it out

  11. I might check it out. Thanks for passing the info along.

  12. Interesting concept – you gave such good directions on how to use the site. Not sure yet if I will sign up.

  13. This just sounds like work to me right now- maybe later.

  14. This is really cool. I like that Dealspotr personalizes the deals to the user. I don’t plan on signing up at the moment, but I’d keep it in mind for the future.

  15. Will def be checking this out!

  16. Oh that sounds very interesting! Would be great to earn amazon giftcards to help with Christmas!

  17. homespunchics says:

    Sounds interesting. I appreciate your directions, too.

  18. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    This is great i am really into finding deals everyday and what a fast and convenient way to do this,

  19. melody hodge says:

    Anything that helps me find a great deal, Im instantly in love with. lol 🙂

  20. I love this idea. It sounds like a legitimate way to be rewarded.

  21. This is an interesting concept i have never had any sucess on earn gift card sites but i will surely check this out

  22. very interesting,will def.go check it out

  23. This is an interesting idea and a great way to share information.

  24. Dana Matthews says:

    This is great….I need all the deal help and finds I can get!

  25. Jodi Hoppe Wresh says:

    Great idea! I am checking it over now, but more than likely sign up. Ty

  26. I think this is a great idea. I’ve always been a bit confused on how things like this work. You’ve made it clearer for me

  27. This is all new to me! Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

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