What must-haves do you include in your shower routine? #GameDayTraditions

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We all have routines and a shower routine is not any different for me. When getting ready for the Big Game day, I like to get squeaky clean in that shower of mine, before the festivities take place!

What must-haves do you include in your shower routine

What must-haves do you include in your shower routine? Well first, I have to have a good, sharp razor. You see, every time I take a shower (not just before the big game!), I must shave my legs. I cannot stand ANY stubble on these legs of mine! Eww! So, I usually steal my hubby’s razor! Good thing he just got a new Gillette Fusion Proglide shaver from Walmart. Now my legs are soo soft and stubble free!

Gillete Fusion Razor For Men

Next? I must have a good shampoo and conditioner. No, I do not always wash my hair each night, when I take a shower. I usually will wash my hair every two or three days. But, when I do decide to wash my hair, I will wash it with some great smelling shampoo like Head & Shoulders. Smells great and gets the hair all clean!

Crest ProHealth Advanced Toothpaste

After my shower, I need to brush my teeth and clean my mouth! I use the Oral B Vitality rechargeable toothbrush because it makes my teeth feel SO clean. It cleans away all the gross grime on those teeth of mine. With this toothbrush, I also use Crest Pro-Health Advanced toothpaste for a white and healthy smile!

Brush Your Teeth

After taking care of myself, it is time to take care of the home and food! For yummy food for the Big Game day, I like to make appetizers like my famous cream cheese and bacon stuffed mushrooms! I will also make a party dip like my 7 layer salad dip! Since there are always a lot of kids around too, I make sure there is juice and for the adults, soda pop!

P&G Products From Walmart

So much to prepare and so little time! But I always get it done, thanks to my local Walmart! I love being able to find all of my P&G beauty and grooming products, plus game day food at Walmart.

How Do You Prepare For The Big Game Day?

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