4 Tips For Healthier Hair #AgeWisely

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I have done more to my hair than most people I know. My hair has been bleached, highlighted, lowlights, colored, straightened, permed and curled. Oh my goodness, my hair has been through it all. And because of that, my hair now is suffering BIG time. I am finally seeing the results of abusing it, for years…

Thank God I don’t have any gray hairs yet, but I am sure they are in there somewhere just waiting to sprout out at a moment’s notice, sigh. It is time to start repairing my hair if I can and preserve what luster I have left!


4 Tips For Healthier Hair


Hopefully, I am able to combat the signs of my aging hair with the Living Proof Timeless Collection available only at Ulta Beauty. I have heard many great things about this line of hair care and really hope it will help my hair bounce back!

The older I get the more my hair has been acting funny, becoming drier, brittle and just unruly. I truly hate it. I probably have more hair care products than most people I know, only because I am a review blogger, so at least, I get to try them all and see what works best for my hair.


4 Tips For Healthier Hair


I am very excited to try the Living Proof Timeless Collection! I am glad I currently live by an Ulta Beauty shop because this collection is only available there!

4 Tips For Healthier Hair

Don’t wash your hair every day. I tend to wash my hair every TWO days (sometimes longer! Don’t judge…). That way, I am not continually stripping my hair of the good oils in it.

Do a deep conditioner or mask once a week and use a plastic sack on your head to hold the heat in. Keep it on for a good 15 minutes, then rinse and let air dry.

Air dry your hair. Do not blow dry it all the time! I usually take my showers at night and so letting my hair air dry is easy for me, because I am not going anywhere but a bed.

Use really good hair care products like the Living Proof Timeless Collection. Don’t opt for cheaper shampoos and conditioners.


4 Tips For Healthier Hair



Don’t forget that Living Proof Timeless Collection is available only at Ulta Beauty!

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  1. I definitely need to keep my hair well hydrated due to living in a desert climate. I could stand to use less heat on it as well.

  2. Jodi Wresh says:

    This would be great for my hair. I too have had my share of blow drying and curling and my hair is already somewhat course and thick. I will have to try this out!

  3. I find that I have to use better quality shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair healthier as I age.

  4. I don’t use a hair dryer ,,its been a very long time since I used one I let it dry naturally

  5. I usually wash my hair every other day because I know it’s better for it! I would love to try Living Proof Timeless Collection! The picture shows a big difference!

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