Health Values Is Benefits That Enhance Your Health Care Coverage

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Health care can be expensive. I know with my husband’s work health care coverage, it was horrible. The co-pays alone broke us! Then if we ever needed a procedure done, we had to pay $5,000 (or more!) out-of-pocket. We could make payments, but my goodness it was just horrible 🙁 Afterall, who on earth could afford that?!? We are NOT rich by any means!

Then I learned about Health Values and wanted to learn more. Health Values Is Benefits That Enhance Your Health Care Coverage, so, of course, it was something to look into for my family.


Health Values Is Benefits That Enhance Your Health Care Coverage


With Health Values, you can get supplemental health coverage and reduce the amount of money you spend, so you can start saving on health care. It is about time something like this came along!

Enrolling takes about 5 minutes to do. You can join risk-free, save on out-of-pocket health care expenses and lower medical costs not covered by your health insurance deductible. There are two packages you can choose from: Health Values One and Health Values Two.


healthvalues one

The individual plan for health values one is only $29.99 a month and for a family, it is only $39.99. You can see, in the picture above, what that includes. You can get comfort knowing you lowered your out-of-pocket costs.


healthvalues two


Health values two is another great plan, with more added benefits for you and your family. The individual plan for health values two is only $49.99 a month and for your family is only $69.99 a month. As you can see in the picture above, there are more benefits to health values two.


Free Access To A Doctor 24/7


Free Access To A Doctor 24/7!

Being a mom of three very busy kids, it is nice to know that Health Values offers free access to a doctor, 24/7! Kids play, kids get hurt. It is great to have the option of a talking to a doctor, anytime I want! We moved out in the middle of nowhere land, so there are NO doctors/hospitals around us. The closest one is about an hour away! So this would really come in handy to have a doctor on hand when I need one!

No Risk!

I love that there is No Risk! If you wish to cancel within 30 days and you have not filed a claim, you only pay the 30 days of active membership and your plan will be terminated. So no worries!

More About Health Values

HealthValues is a Christian community (though you do NOT have to be a Christian to join, but it does have a subtle Christian theme throughout), banding together to become wiser with money, create collective buying power and advocate for smarter healthcare solutions.

In order to qualify for this insurance, you must be a member of HealthValues. Therefore, your application for this insurance is also an application for membership in HealthValues.

Your membership will remain in effect as long as you qualify under membership guidelines and pay membership dues. Please note that the membership benefits available through HealthValues are offered at the sole discretion of HealthValues and may vary by availability, vendor and state of residence.

Find Out More

You can find out more information about Health Values and see if it is right for you and your family, by visiting them online at

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  1. Rajee Pandi says:

    I am so new to this company

  2. It sounds like something worth checking out.

  3. Lesley F says:

    Thanks for sharing. Will have to look into

  4. That looks like a great options. We currently have insurance through my husband work.

  5. This looks like a great option for families needing supplemental insurance. I will check it out!

  6. Christina G. says:

    I’ve never heard of this company. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Arica Hutchins says:

    I wish icould afford it. Everything is so costly and mandatory now. I can barely feed my 4 children. A lot of nights i dont eat so they can have seconds. I hope things change soon

  8. with what we are paying now,dont think we could afford the extra cost

  9. Janet W. says:

    The pricing is not bad at all! Definitely something I will look into to see if it would benefit us.

  10. Oh wow, this is all good to know.

  11. it would be comforting to have a reasonably priced supplemental plan as a back up. Medical bills can be so exorbitant.

  12. Those prices are really budget friendly. I’m so thankful we have insurance through my husband’s work, but it’s nice to know there’s other options.

  13. The thought of health insurance makes me squirm! I’ll have to look into this because we just had a huge issue with our provider last month (a huge mess up on their end) that set us back a bit – not fun, I feel your pain!

  14. My hubby just quit his job so we are losing our health insurance at the end of April. It’s hard to figure out what’s best for our family that won’t break the bank. We will definitely look into this. Thanks!

  15. Sadly my health plan could definitely stand a supplement, thanks for this great info!

  16. It sounds like a good way to save on out-of-pocket health expenses. Health care costs are getting to be quite expensive.

  17. Those prices are great and would be a great help to families out there. Thanks for sharing!

  18. This sounds like it would be a big help to families. I know Im going to check it out.

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