A Child Was Left In A Hot Car

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You know what? Every single year, I hear about how a mom, dad or caregiver left their precious bundle in the car. Forgot about them. The day was hot, the baby was warm and sweating. The parents or caregiver NEVER comes back for them. Why? They forgot.

Maybe they forgot because they were busy with other things. Maybe they forgot because their routine was thrown off that day and they usually do not have the baby with them. Who knows WHY it happens, but you know what? It DOES happen and it happens to the best of us.

newborn baby boy kim delatorre

I hold this topic VERY dear to my heart. Why? Because it happened to ME. It happened to MY baby. I am not a bad mommy. I am not someone who just forgets their precious cargo in a car. But it happened… to me. To us. You can read my story “It happened to me…My baby was left in the car“.

I am sure I will be judged, there are judgy people out there. I have already received rude messages and horrible things from total strangers. But, if by sharing MY story, I can hopefully help at least one parent or caregiver to double check the back seat for a little one. That is my wish, to help save little ones in hot cars.

I am offering a giveaway to help with this. It is a baby monitor called ‘Driver’s Little Helper‘, that prevents child car death. Sure, lots of you will say ‘why on earth would a GOOD parent NEED a device like THAT?!’…

Don’t be judgy. Don’t ever say it could not happen to YOU. It could. You are human, we all are. Crap happens, sad things happen, ACCIDENTS happen.

Driver's Little Helper

What Does ‘Driver’s Little Helper’ Do?

Driver’s Little Helper is an easy to use child car seat sensor that talks to your smartphone via an app.  It alerts the driver of temperature in the back seat if the child has wriggled out of restraint and if the child has been left behind in the car seat.

*DOWNLOAD THE DRIVER’S LITTLE HELPER APP Get it from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store orDriversLittleHelper.com.
*PLACE THE SENSOR Remove your car seat’s fabric cover and place the sensor in the center of the seat’s plastic molding.
*ATTACH THE POWER PACK Connect it to the sensor and fasten it to the back of the seat or the seatbelt, then replace the fabric cover.
*SYNC AND GO! Launch the app on your phone to connect with Driver’s Little Helper, receive alerts and drive with confidence.

Let’s prevent this from happening so often! Spread the word and enter to win a Driver’s Little Helper, below.

**Note: Alerts are sent after a 15-second delay to account for normal weight shifts within the car seat.


You can purchase Driver’s Little Helper online at https://driverslittlehelper.com or on Amazon.com.  It retails for $79.99.

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One person is going to win a Driver’s Little Helper.


The contest is open to US 18+. Giveaway will end on May 9, 2016, at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after I email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.


  1. Lily Kwan says:

    fortunately no

  2. Jerry Marquardt says:

    I haven’t had it happen to me, but one time when I was at Walmart, I helped someone else get their kid out by shattering a window with a spark plug to get their kid out.

  3. Richard Hicks says:

    Never happened to me or anyone I know. Heartbreaking to hear about it on the news

  4. Jane Hoh says:

    Fortunately, nothing like this has ever happened to me.

  5. rosemary says:


  6. No, I haven’t.

  7. allison says:

    no but the thought is very scary! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  8. Samantha B. says:

    What a wonderful idea! Living in Arizona, we gear about this every year.

  9. Marty C. says:

    No, but I’ve definitely come close enough that I would never judge. When you’re sleep deprived and trading off transportation duties with a spouse, it could so easily happen.

  10. Rajee Pandi says:

    no it sounds scary

  11. velder dixon says:

    no iand i hope not-scary

  12. Cynthia Mercado says:

    I have never had this happen to me. Thank God. I would be very scared.

  13. Thankfully, it has not happened to me, but I really can see how it would be possible. Scary situation.m

  14. Not anyone that I know personally.

  15. elizabeth miller says:

    It has never happened to me nor to anyone I know thank goodness but I have seen it repeatedly on the tv. It is a giant fear of mine that this could happen to someone close to me. This would be a really great thing to have as a backup.

  16. Jessica K. says:

    I read your story, it was hard to read because I can’t imagine the panic and pain you must have felt not knowing where your child was. I took a shower this morning while my 3 year old was playing in her room. When I got out of the shower she was no where to be found. I started yelling for her and ran all around our apartment. I guess she thought it would be funny to play hide and seek, but for those 60 seconds I was in such fear. I mean, she’s not tall enough to reach the lock on the door and it was still locked, but not knowing where your child is is the scariest feeling in the world. I am so glad your son was OK and thank you for sharing your story, I’m sure it was a hard thing to do.

  17. vickiecouturier says:

    no but i can see it happening very easily,,i have some very young grandchldren whose parents need this

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