Fun, Thrilling Things To Do This Spring/Summer

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Are you outgoing and love adventure? Does going on a roller coaster or being driven to the limits excite you? Me, heck no! I cannot even go on a Ferris wheel let alone a kiddie ride at our local adventure park, I am a total nerd when it comes to that stuff. We are going to Disneyland in August, so I will have to toughen up a bit, I know! There are SO many Fun, Thrilling Things To Do This Spring/Summer, I must TRY them, right?? Gah…

Fun, Thrilling Things To Do This Spring/Summer

But, for all you adventure seekers, there is LOTS of fun stuff for you to do this Spring and Summer, lucky you! Have you ever jumped out of a plane? I have a friend that did this, Tandem Skydiving, and she had the other person film it all. Oh my heavens, I was scared just watching that video! But, she LOVED it and did it AGAIN! Talk about a thrill seeker!

Fun, Thrilling Things To Do This Spring/Summer

Or, you could go on a hot air balloon ride. Could you imagine? I have seen it in movies and have seen them in the sky, but have never been on one and doubt I ever will. But I can imagine the beautiful sites you would see, something to not be forgotten, I am sure. Think, on a nice warm Summer night, Hot air ballooning with your loved one! Romantic, crazy and just plain fun I am sure, but not for me. I will stay on the ground, thank you very much 🙂

Fun, Thrilling Things To Do This Spring/Summer

Some Fun, Thrilling Things To Do This Spring/Summer are:



Going to Concerts


Going to parks and having a barbecue with family

Traveling/Road Trips with Family


Site Seeing

I can’t wait when my kids are out of school and we can go on some fun road trips! We just moved, so we have a ton of exploring to do! We are considering these 5 Best Road Trips to take!

What Road Trips or Fun Things Do You Have Planned For This Spring/Summer?

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