Are You Scared Of Transgender People In Restrooms?

Oh my goodness, this is a topic you hear about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It is getting on my nerves and I am sure it is getting on a lot of people’s nerves. Why is it even being discussed??? Are You Scared Of Transgender People In Restrooms?

Transgender people have been using restrooms for YEARS. How about that! Yep, it is true. I betcha you have been in a stall next to one at some point in your life. Why on earth does it bug people NOW?

Are You Scared Of Transgender People In Restrooms

Who cares. They are not hurting anyone, are they? They just have to use the restroom, that is it. Sure, now that this is ‘out in the open‘ there are people who will take advantage of this situation and do things they should not. It is an open invitation to the perverts in the world, to allow them into our restrooms…

Are You Scared Of Transgender People In Restrooms

There is ALWAYS going to be some pervert or creep who takes advantage of ANY situation, that is life, unfortunately. The world is full of creeps. But transgender people using the same restroom as me? Not-so-much.

You know what? I really do not care. Never have and never will. There is ALWAYS that one person (or millions in this case) who will raise a fuss and disagree, but for me? I could care less if a transgender person was in a stall next to me doing their business. I would NEVER know anyways and if I did? Oh well. That is life and life goes on.

If someone isn’t taunting me, hurting me or my child or doing anything bad, why would I care? Let them be. In fact, transgender people are the ones who get taunted, assaulted or denied to even use restrooms, because of ‘who they are‘. They have more to worry about then us ‘regular‘ people (insert eyeroll here). If this world was more accepting of everyone, it would be a MUCH better place.

Are You Scared Of Transgender People In Restrooms

Have I read up on this whole situation? Nope. Why? Because I just don’t feel I need to. I know that it doesn’t bother me if a transgender person shares a restroom with me or my kids. As long as a person is not in there to do something bad, then just stop already.

I know I will have SO many people irritated and mad at this post, but for heaven sakes, get over it.

Rant Over!


  1. Natalie F says:

    It doesn’t bother me. I understand the difference between a criminal/pedophile and a transgender person. They are not the same or related. I’m with you. People need to get over it.

  2. it doesnt bug me, nor do I care for whom they sleep with, if they drool when they sleep or if they have terrible taste in clothing.

  3. Billie R says:

    Exactly! Well said! I mean honestly, what are we supposed to do – a junk check before letting people in a bathroom? What bothers me in the bathroom? Making eye contact between the stalls and people that leave without washing their hands.

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