Remodeling My Master Bathroom Is No Easy Task!

*Products were received. Opinions are my own.

We moved to this home at the beginning of March. My husband wasn’t here that much due to having to move the rest of our stuff, while I stayed here with the kids.

Now that my husband is back, we can finally start to make this house our home and that means a few updates are in store. The first update we really wanted to do is our master bathroom. The toilet was sitting funny and did not work all that great. The tub has never been used, needed a faucet put on and was not hooked up correctly. Plus, the tub was pretty gross just from sitting in the bathroom for so long, unused.

Remodeling My Master Bathroom Is No Easy Task Mansfield Plumbing

There is also carpeting in this bathroom, which to me, is a big no-no in a bathroom. Sure it makes the bathroom more comfy feeling, but what happens when a toilet overflows or you gets water on the carpet from the shower/tub/sinks? Gah. Gross! I really want to replace the carpeting with hardwood floors or linoleum, something nice other than carpeting.

Remodeling My Master Bathroom Is No Easy Task! Mansfield Plumbing Products

More things I want to do is paint the cupboards with Chalk Paint and put up a barn door in front of the tub, so when you are sitting in the bathtub, you will be staring at the barn door. I want to add a little shelf on the barn door with a candle or candles on it. Wouldn’t that be nice? Those are my hopes to add to the remodel of this bathroom.

Remodeling My Master Bathroom Is No Easy Task Mansfield Plumbing Tubs

There is so much to do and so much I WANT to do, it gets overwhelming a bit! I contacted a great company, Mansfield Plumbing, and asked if they wanted to help me with this master bathroom remodel. They agreed to send me a wonderful, jetted tub and toilet! Oh, that made my husband and I beyond thrilled. Now our bathroom will be coming along nicely! Can’t wait to install the toilet and tub!!! So, stay tuned for that!!!

The products that Mansfield Plumbing sent to us, to install is the Pro-Fit whirlpool with Access Panel and  Inline water heater. We were also sent the MONTCLAIR HET toilet in white. Everything arrived very quickly and everyone was so nice, professional and HELPFUL!

Stay tuned for the installing post! We are getting ready to put in that tub and toilet! Then I will add some other fun touches and hopefully, this master bathroom will turn into a beautiful master bathroom!!

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Are You Remodeling Anything This Year? If So, What?






  1. Birdiebee says:

    I will be doing some remodeling soon as I am closing on a condo Friday. I will have the bathroom redone as well ask other items after I meet with the contractor tomorrow.

  2. Jerry Marquardt says:

    Remodeling is never easy. I used to install tile, so I know first hand. I Thank you so much for the tips and pointers.

  3. Kathy Pease says:

    I would like to put a new wood floor in our bedroom

  4. cassandra says:

    We are also planning to redo our bathroom. It is an absolute mess!

  5. Stephanie Larison says:

    It looks like it would be stressful! We rent, so we don’t have to deal with anything like that.

  6. Richard Hicks says:

    I feel for you. I remodeled our rather small bath several years back. Took me a while and lots of surprises along the way!

  7. Kathleen Kuykendall says:

    We could use remodel in both bathrooms but my disabled daughter has to be out of the house during the whole remodel because of her asthma and allergies and immune system.

  8. Rosanne says:

    We are planning a Master Bathroom remodel also this year. In your case I would not recommend hardwood floors in a bathroom for the same reason as carpet-water damage. I would go with tile. It is more waterproof but in our part of the country very cold.

  9. Natalie says:

    That looks like a ton of work but you will be so proud when it is done!

  10. Patricia Mingozzi says:

    I am remodeling my deck.

  11. Danielle Weidknecht says:

    We would love to remodel our mater bathroom but it isn’t very big. This year we have painted our office and got new furniture. We would still like to tile that room. We also built a new privacy fence for our backyard and remodeled a spare bedroom for a place to keep our foster puppies

  12. Susan Smith says:

    We are renovating our kitchen, replacing the floors, counter tops and appliances.

  13. This will be a big job! I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.

  14. Sarah L says:

    A never-used tub? Carpeting? Bleh. Needs updating badly.

  15. I love that their toilets are made in the USA! We are planning some work in our master bathroom & I’m sure it will be quite the job! You’ve got a lot of work to be done, but it will be so worth it when it’s complete!

  16. A lot of work, but I bet it will be awesome!!!

  17. It looks like its going to be awesome!

  18. Oh my word, carpet in the bathroom! I would definitely need that removed. It looks like a fun project!

  19. I am remodeling the master bathroom this year

  20. We remodeled our downstairs living room and family room area last year and have plans for the bathrooms soon.

  21. Ashley Ianniello says:

    Even though it’s a ton of work and money, it’s amazing to be able to customize the room to your desire! For me, I love non traditional and shabby sheik, but others might not be a fan!

  22. We are in the middle of a bathroom reno too! It’s the pits!

  23. I have a bathroom in desperate need of remodeling, thanks for inspiring me to get on it!!

  24. Wallpaper under the tile?! That is crazy.

  25. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Remodeling is such a pita but when it is all done it sure feels good. We remodeled one bathroom this spring and have one more to go. Then tile for the kitchen,

  26. Remodeling is always a pain but the results rock! We had our floors redone and added a fourth bedroom almost two years ago. It was an awesome decision!

  27. vickie couturier says:

    we just did a bathroom,next is the utility room

  28. Cynthia C says:

    My bathroom is in need of an update, but I need to get new windows first.

  29. leonmiddlebrook says:

    i would recommend redecorating my bathroom

  30. Dandi D says:

    It looks like it’s really coming along and you’re doing a great job!

  31. sabina edwards says:

    I think for myself, if its a masterbedroom bath, I’d have gone with a shower (Esp if you have a tub in another part of the house) When my friend did her make over , she got this shower, they call it the car wash, its got a reg showerhead but also has stuff coming out of the side, has steam coming out of the bottom and has a bench to sit daughter dog sat her Newfoundlanders when she went to Hawaii and loved the shower!!

  32. Janet W. says:

    Looks like a huge task but will be worth it in the end!!

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