Creating Beautiful Videos Is Easy, By Using This!

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I have never ever ever been able to make pretty or professional videos because I have never found software that is easy to understand. So, my videos are raw and unedited. Kind of sucks too, because being an online influencer, I want to make beautiful videos for my audience.

I kind of gave up on finding software that helps me make videos that look nice and professional because I just did not understand how to use some services I found. They are all too confusing and I just did not have the patience at all to learn it. Things have to be easy and quick for me.

Filmora caught my attention, though. It seemed different and something I could possibly use. I went to their site and downloaded my free version of Filmora. It downloaded quickly and soon I was able to use it.

What Is Filmora?

Wondershare Filmora is a super easy-to-use video editing software, regardless of your skill level. Filmora helps you get started with new movie projects by importing and editing your videos. You can also add special effects, text, music and more. When you are done editing your video you can then share it directly from Filmora straight to your social media pages, mobile device or even burn it onto a DVD to give to your family or friends! Filmora makes editing and sharing your videos super easy to do.

For me, however, whenever I tried to share to Youtube, it would not work for me. It always said my internet connection was too slow and to try again. So that was upsetting to me. We do live out in the middle of nowhere, so that is an issue for me. However, it uploads to Facebook quickly.

Check Out This Video To Learn More About Filmora

Using Filmora

Once Filmora is downloaded (Mac, Android, iOS, Windows), you can choose to create a new movie. You choose between ‘Easy Mode‘ and ‘Full Feature‘. I chose the full feature one and it is way more complicated for me. I have to use my brain too much, so I use the ‘Easy Mode‘ and it is so simple to turn your videos into beautiful masterpieces.

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘Full Feature’ is amazing! It has SO many options and ways to make your videos totally awesome! There are SO many features to make your videos so professional and awesome looking. I just have to spend more time on the full feature, so that I can understand it better. There are some great videos on Filmora, that help guide you through editing your videos and making them look professional (see video above). So I will have to watch those helpful ‘how to‘ videos.

Merge Videos Together To Create One Video, EASILY!!!

So, I grabbed a video that I wanted to edit and quickly added to Filmora. It shows up right away in a little video clip picture. You can add more than one video too! Let’s say you took three separate videos but want to merge them all into one. You can do that! It is SO easy to do! You just select the three videos you want to use and then edit them! Once your video is done being edited and you are happy with it, you can preview it. You will see that all three of your videos are now merged seamlessly together! I am SO excited about that part because that is one thing I could never do with my videos is merge them. Now I can and yes, I am VERY excited about this feature!! And, it is SO easy!!!

Creating Your Video

Once you download your video/s you then select a theme (it is up at the top of the screen). There are several themes to choose from which makes this even better! After you select your theme, you select which music you want to go with your video. You can even download your own music! To hear and test the music, you can press the little triangle above the music list, to hear what it sounds like.

Then you click on the ‘preview icon‘ at the top of the page and you can them watch your edited video. In this section, you can also add text to the beginning and end of your video. This adds a nice personalized touch to the video you are editing.

There were a few times I selected music, but then the music ended halfway through my video, so I had to choose more than one song to keep the music going. You can also choose to keep the original sound or take it away and just have the music.

What Is The Difference Between The Trial Version And Paid Version?

The trial version is functionally the same as the paid version except there is a watermark in the new output files. There will be no watermark in the new output files after you purchase a license to activate the software. The watermark is pretty big and noticeable on the free trial version, so I do recommend buying the paid version.

1 Year License is $29.99

Lifetime is $49.99

Multi-Users (for up to 5 PC’s) is $119.97

Check Out My Video!

You can check out the trial version (with the watermark on the video) of my video, here.

Download Wondershare Filmora 

Download the free trial version or paid version here!

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  1. Lily Kwan says:

    This video editing software looks very useful. Thanks for sharing!

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    this sounds like great software would love to try it

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    I think this would make a great gift for my son. Though we are in the middle of nowhere to so maybe the trial first. because Youtube is where he wants to load edited videos.

  5. I haven’t heard of this one before. Sounds awesome though! 🙂

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    Ive never heard of Filmora until now. Thanks for bloggin about this. I cant wait to check it out and try it.

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    Great post! Filmora sounds so easy to use

  14. Geri Sandoval says:

    Great post, Filmora is easy to use.

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    that does sound easy,,id love to do something like this

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    I’ve always wanted to be able to create videos that were better, thanks for featuring this. it would be useful

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