How I Kept My Kids Happy On A Road Trip

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So happy to say that our recent road trip was a huge success! Yay! I made sure I was completely prepared for most every mishap that could happen, traveling with three kids.

I think I did pretty well. The kids still fought a bit but for the most part, everyone was happy and the kids were entertained and fed.

How I Kept My Kids Happy On A Road Trip

Want to know my secret on how I kept my kids happy on a road trip? Below are the steps I took to ensure everything would go smoothly.

*Make snack bags with your child’s name on the baggie. I had never done this before but thought I should. I hate it when I have to turn around in a car every 34 seconds and hand out goodies, drinks, napkins, etc. So I prepared a snack bag for each child.

Snack bags for kids going on a road trip

I added things they could easily eat by themselves like cuties mandarins, string cheese, juice box, spoon and applesauce, pepperoni stick, gummy snacks, etc. I also included a napkin.

This helped SO much. Since the bags had names on them, my kids did not fight over who’s bag was whose and the treats inside each bag were identical so my kids could not fight over who got something better. I hate that!

*Make sure all tablets are fully charged and don’t forget to bring the charger for in the car! I finally accomplished this and my kids have stuff to do almost the whole time we were traveling! Pure happiness right there!

*Make sure to bring small blankets for all kids, not just one. Gah. I did that before, only brought one blanket and my kids fought over it like rabid animals! So, this time, I made SURE I brought 3 small blankets for each child. It was quite peaceful because I remembered to do that one small thing.

How I Kept My Kids Happy On A Road Trip

I have to say, that this road trip was a huge success from the other ones we have taken. We had a lot of fun traveling! I remembered to do things I normally would forget to do. So, we ended up all having a really nice trip! More details, pictures, and stuff coming soon!

How Do You Keep Your Kids Happy On A Road Trip?



  1. I always pack everyone their own backpack with items such as their favorite book, blanket, snack and toy. It makes the ride so much nicer.


  2. I bring snacks and have a portable dvd player that they can watch when they are bored.

  3. Melissa Storms says:

    Those snack bags are just awesome, I want someone to pack me one on our next trip. Definitely making sure everything is charged before you leave is huge on my list before we leave on a trip. We have car charging wires for most of our devices but wires stretched all over the van can be quite aggravating.

  4. We took a road trip over the summer with our 2 kiddos. It was very interesting!

  5. We play car games & I always pack snacks and drinks

  6. Josh Harmon says:

    Great ideas! I will be using some of these 🙂

  7. vickie couturier says:

    not easy,,,take the portable dvd player and their gameboys and snacks and coloring books and a few small toys

  8. Great tips! My musts as a kid were: a blanket, a pillow, my Walkman, and my Gameboy.

  9. Great ideas! I think snacks are an absolute must!

  10. Great ideas

  11. Julie Lundstrom says:

    These are some good ideas for my to do when we go on a road trip.

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