Win A $25 Best Buy eGift Card!

I am really nice, and wanted to offer you a chance to Win A $25 Best Buy eGift Card!

This is my way of saying thank you, to each and every one of you! I hope you enjoy this giveaway and share it like CRAZY with all your family and friends ๐Ÿ™‚

I am only offering TWO ways to enter into this giveaway. You can enter both ways or just one (or don’t enter at all!) it is up to YOU! Enjoy and good luck!

Win A $25 Best Buy eGift Card

Win A $25 Best Buy eGift Card!


The contest is open to US and Canada 18+. Giveaway will end on September 27, 2016, at 11:59 PM PST. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after I email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.


  1. james jenkins says:

    very difficult, sticky dirt off the side treds of my shoes; why I try to avoid white soles. Was this supposed to go here or in the entry submit field? Please be more clear, next time.

  2. Richard Hicks says:

    I would use to remove car stickers

  3. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I am forever trying to remove stickers and labels from my dishes, so I would use it mainly for that. This is where I ended up:

  4. BobbiJo pentney says:

    My children’s birthdays are coming up and I could use the help.

  5. Jennifer H. says: I would like the CONQUERING KITCHEN GREASE to help make it easier to clean my kitchen and the stove.

  6. Amanda Fontaine says:

    I would use to buy Christmas gifts and I would use this to battle kitchen grease

  7. Shea Balentine says:

    I would use it to clean off the stickers from the kids mirrors!

  8. Birthday gift-kids

  9. I would use this for Conquering Kitchen Grease –

  10. Dawn Gordon says:
  11. holly lawson says:

    I love the idea of using it to clean up glitter and glue! I have never thought about using Goo Gone for that!

  12. Caryn Coates says: I would use this product for taking glue off our table and taking stickers off furniture and walls

  13. Steve Weber says:

    I would use it to conquer grease in the kitchen- especially on the stove.

  14. Goo Gone Original Spray Gel would be so useful for me for removing stickers.

  15. Christine Murray says:

    Christmas gifts for my kids


    I ended up here.
    I have goo gone in my kindergarten classroom, it is great for stuff stuck to the easel and the dramatic play equipment, also sticky tack and tape residue.

  17. Michelle H. says:

    I would use it to remove price tags off of glass.

  18. i love goo gone i have always used it!

  19. Goo Gone is great for removing stickers from all sorts of items.

  20. Susan Christy says:

    My sticky fly strips blew up and stuck on my gutters so I need Goo Gone to fix that mess.

  21. I would use it to remove price stickers.

  22. kelly nicholson says:

    i hate that stickers grab on and never let go…works for me

  23. Seyma Shabbir says: To remove gum from the walls!!

  24. sabina Edwards says:

    the goo gone I would use for grease etc, sometimes I don’t know what the hell my husbands been into

  25. Definitely use it to get rid of labels and stickers!

  26. I would use it to remove price stickers and other stickers from products that we buy.

  27. I would use it to remove stickers off glass (such as wine glasses).

  28. We could use Goo Gone for our charcoal grill!

  29. Michele Cupp says:

    I use it to remove stickers off of things that I have purchased.

  30. Kristin McCall says:

    I would use the GOO GONE TOUGH TASK WIPES because my house is all the time making messes and this would get rid of them.

  31. I would use Goo Gone to remove stickers and labels. It sounds like a great product.

  32. I could use this to get stickers off merchandise that I buy at Savers and also labels off of glass bottles that I want to save for storage. Thanks.

  33. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    Goo gone is great for removing labels and stickers. I need to check out their Tough Task Wipes.

  34. I would use it to clean the coffee pot.

  35. It can be used to clean up glue used in craft projects and also labels.

  36. I had no idea you could use Goo gone for cleaning kitchen grease. You learn something new every day!

  37. I would use goo gone to remove stubborn labels.

  38. I would use the sticker remover to take stickers off of new bowls and cups. I hate how it leaves a sticky residue even after many washes. thank you!

  39. I would use it on my wood floors!

  40. Daniela Plume says:

    oops… I would use the gift cards to buy Christmas gifts… i would use Goo Gone to remove stickers the kids stuck to my fridge

  41. Daniela Plume says:

    I ended up here:
    I would use it to buy DVD’s for the kids for Christmas

  42. I wouldmuse it to remove stickers.

  43. shelly peterson says:

    I would use it to remove sticker residue

  44. My daughter is an artist and I would let her use this for her arts and crafts. I would use it to remove labels or stickers from items.

  45. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I use it for conquering kitchen grease.

  46. Renee Walters says:

    I would use it on my wood floors!

  47. I would use this product in many ways but one in particular would be to remove stickers from items.

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