Prep For The Holidays With The LG ProBake Double Oven From Best Buy!

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Yep. I am already thinking of the holidays and have been since August! Oh, the life of a blogger! The joys! I do really enjoy it, though. I would LOVE to prep for the Holidays with the LG ProBake Double Oven from Best Buy. I would be in absolute HEAVEN if I had this double oven!

When you are in the kitchen and cooking a big meal for your family and friends you  NEED an oven that can do it all. The LG ProBake Double Oven from Best Buy would be so handy in my kitchen any time of the year.

Prep For The Holidays With The LG ProBake Double Oven From Best Buy

What is your favorite feature?  What would you bake, how would the technology improve your baking/cooking

Some features that I love most about the LG ProBake Double Oven is that in three easy steps, and 10 quick minutes, your oven can be sparkling clean! Without the strong chemicals or high heat because of LG’s Easy Clean! What cook wouldn’t like that feature?!?

LG ProBake Double Oven

I would bake a fantastic turkey dinner in this wonderful double oven. I would also bake some yummy treats for the kids. Heavens, what wouldn’t I bake/cook?! I would probably live in my kitchen if the LG ProBake Double Oven from Best Buy was in it! Gah!

More Features Worth Mentioning:

ProBake Convection™ – #1 Focus Feature

ProBake Convection™ – Baked to Perfection on Every Rack, Every Time

Enjoy even, professional style cooking at home with ProBake Convection™

Inspired by pro-style ranges, this LG range moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution. Enjoy consistent browning on top and bottom – with every cookie baked to perfection with LG’s ProBake Convection ranges.

LG ProBake Double Oven


I can’t forget to let you all know about these great deals going on! Prep for the holidays and be prepared, have the LG ProBake Double Oven in your kitchen ready to go!

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You can receive 5x reward points with your Best Buy account on any ProBake Range purchase from 9/28 – 10/29.  This can also be stacked with the kitchen bundle rebate mentioned above!! So go take advantage of this fab offer before it is gone!


You can purchase the LG ProBake Double Oven at Best Buy.

How Are You Prepping For The Holidays?







  1. Richard Hicks says:

    This would be a tremendous time saver

  2. Bridget Combs says:

    Oh I absolutely love this-it would be so nice o have

  3. Wow! What I wouldn’t give for a double oven- and one this nice! I can imagine not having to make and use our cooking timeline to time cooking and baking everything at the right time and temperature. Very cool!

  4. I need one of these in my kitchen! LOVE it! 🙂

  5. Meghan Finley says:

    I’m using the crock pot and making things ahead of time so I can just reheat

  6. coltrain5041 says:

    Great oven

  7. So need this oven!!!

  8. Kristin C says:

    What a great oven!

  9. Susan Chester says:

    This is my dream oven! It would make baking cookies so much faster!

  10. This oven looks awesome! 🙂

  11. I wish I had an oven like this. All the different things to make at different temperatures, it would help so much!

  12. We got an oven similar to this a couple of months ago and I love it!

  13. How great! We have a huge family so this would be so helpful for our family gatherings 🙂

  14. vickie couturier says:

    i need a new stove,,i do a lot of cooking for the upcoming holidays espically cookies for hte grandkids

  15. I would love having the room for everything in my oven when it is my turn to host family gatherings.

  16. I really wish that i had this oven it is so nice !

  17. This is like my dream oven and would be amazing if I had room for it in my kitchen.

  18. Darcy Koch says:

    This oven is perfect with the holidays coming up and the extra cooking and baking usually done. What a timesaver. A woman’s dream come true.

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