Preparing Your Vehicle For Holiday Traveling

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Do you travel a lot during the holidays? Since we moved to Idaho, we have been home and haven’t really traveled anywhere. We are still settling in! It sure takes forever…

This year, we are just going to stay home for the holidays, but most of my other family members will be traveling near and far to be with other family members. So, Preparing Your Vehicle For Holiday Traveling is important to them.

I asked my oldest sister how they prepare their vehicle for holiday traveling since they tend to travel more than any other family I have. She said the key is being organized and having some sort of agenda, along with the way.




As for her vehicle, they always check all the fluids, make sure the tires look good and the tire pressure is just right. They also will make sure all the lights, blinkers, and inside lights are working good.

There is a lot of preparations to ensure your vehicle will be all ready when it is time to hit the road. But, like my sister said, if you prepare and start early, things should run pretty smoothly for your family and your vehicle.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Holiday Traveling Check List

Check All Fluids In Your Vehicle

Check Tires And Tire Pressure

Check All Lights And Blinkers

Make Sure Heater/Air Conditioner Is Working Properly

Have A Written Agenda To Help With Organizing Your Traveling

Make Sure You Have An Emergency Kit In Your Car

How Do You Prep Your Vehicle For Holiday Traveling? Leave Your Tips Below!



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