3 Ways To Stay Calm In A Traffic Jam

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Everyone that can drive has been stuck in a traffic jam at least once in their lifetime. I am so happy that I am out of the city and in the country now. Traffic jams were not for me.

Angry Driver

I remember having to drive my morning commute. I hated it so much because not only was it super early, but the traffic was insane. People were cutting me off, rude people were tailing me and one time I even spun out in the middle of an intersection because of someone stopping so quickly. Oh, I hated those days of morning traffic!

3 Ways To Stay Calm In A Traffic Jam

Since I have so much experience with traffic jams, I wanted to share 3 Ways To Stay Calm In A Traffic Jam. These are just a few things I did to help me zone out on the world outside my vehicle!

1.Turn on music that makes you feel good. The louder the better if you are wanting to drown out the world around you. I loved using my earphones. So soothing and much better than listening to the traffic outside my car! Yuck.

ear phones and music

2.Chew gum. I know that sounds weird, but chewing a really yummy piece of gum when I got stuck in traffic helped me to calm down and not clench my jaw and get all anxious feeling.

Chew Gum Gum Balls

3.Coffee!!!!! I always made sure I had my fresh cup of coffee at my side in a traffic jam. I would put my wad of gum on the top of my coffee cup and drink my coffee throughout my commute. Then I would chew my gum again. I know, I am weird, but it worked for me!

coffee in a white cup

What Are Some Tips You Can Offer, When You Get Stuck In A Traffic Jam?



  1. Music helps a lot.

  2. It is very hard to stay calm when traffic isn’t very permitting. I thank you for your post to try and control my feelings when I need to stay more calm.

  3. Richard Hicks says:

    Staying calm can be a challenge! Yep music does help to sooth the savage beast. LOL!

  4. Yep, if I have my coffee…I’m happy. And something to listen to is a must too. Only thing I think here in NJ it is against the law to wear earphones while driving, I guess they think you need to be able to hear if someone is honking to warn you of a possible accident.

  5. Buddy Garrett says:

    Music is my remedy. I hate driving in our metropolitan area. Traffic gets worse all the time.

  6. Dana Matthews says:

    Music is key for me. Of course, I live in a small town and don’t encounter many traffic jams but staying calm is good…in all situations!

  7. Onyinye Elochukwu says:

    Music helps me a lot.

  8. Good music

  9. melody hodge says:

    I always carry my coffee with me where ever I go so when Im stuck in traffic, Im relaxing with my coffee and music.

  10. Joy Venters says:

    I listen to the news – that is the only chance I get to catch up on things

  11. I am not too bad in a traffic jam, I normally listen to music, check my email, etc. As long as I have a phone to call someone to let them know I am going to be late it takes some of the pressure off.

  12. Good music keeps me happy!

  13. Music or an audio book by Carolyn Brown!

  14. Music helps!

  15. marilynnawara says:

    Good tips. I don’t get too upset about traffic, but I know a few people that could use these tips plus about 10 more.

  16. All great tips! Coffee always helps.

  17. I love music and it helps soothe the soul.(:

  18. Julie Lundstrom says:

    My daughter needs this for she has no patience when it comes to driving.

  19. vickie couturier says:

    i listen to audio books it is very relaxing

  20. I love the music tip! Music really can put me in a good mood.

  21. Music certainly the way for me to keep calm.

  22. Accontests6 says:

    Music really helps.

  23. Jennifer Bellotti says:

    Music really does help when you are stressing while in traffic.

  24. Singing to my favorite songs helps me in traffic.

  25. The music is definatley helpful Thanks for the post

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